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Nov. 26th, 2010 10:52 pm
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So.... Last Saturday, I won a Toastmasters area speech contest. This means I beat speakers from four other clubs - not bad. Especially since I came second at our club contest, the first place getter couldn't make it, so I filled in.

Sunday I went out for Yum Cha, at a venue I'd never been to before - it was very good. Then I dragged myself to the gym.

Monday morning, I had to be at work at 6AM! Which meant I had to get up at 4.30AM, and then rode my bike into work, in record time. IT is a bit like this sometimes, one has to do things to live systems outside of business hours. Actually, it reminded me a bit of when I used to work night shifts at Ticketmaster...

Anyway, haven't done much else besides work for the rest of this week - I'm even piking on two events this very evening in order to do nothing on the couch. Yay!

And tomorrow I have to drive down to Geelong to help hand out how to vote cards - it's the state election don't you know. So my plan is the sleep for the whole of Sunday after that :-)


Feb. 4th, 2010 07:31 pm
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Damn I'm cranky today.

I seem to have no time spare at present. Right now I'm trying to copy data off the hard-drive from my Aunt's laptop. Then I have to do some dishes and go to the gym (and maybe fit in some vacuuming). Which begs the question, what am I doing blogging? :-)

Reading and liking "Too Big To Fail", a book about the Global Financial Crisis by Andrew Ross Sorkin. Interesting seeing recent history being played out - and some of it still going on with the firms he talks about.
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Your correspondent has been busy. Well, actually, not as much as you might think. Certainly LJ has fallen off the end of my long list of things to do.

I have been up to a great deal of interesting stuff of late, which I will try and enter here in the next day or two. It's going to be 43 degrees here tomorrow, so I'm going to curl up somewhere cool with my laptop.


Oct. 1st, 2009 09:54 pm
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How did it get to be October??? I've basically been on the go since Friday May the 10th, when I got on a plane bound for Los Angeles... Work has been mental since I got back, my MBA has chewed up most of my spare time, and I'm moving house! Expect me to pass out some time in November.

You can also expect a housewarming party around the same time :-)
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Things I did today, on this day I believe they call Christmas.

Tried, and failed, to make Gluten Free Speculaas. I think the gluten free flour I used sucked all the moisture out of the mixture, so when I came to actually making it into biscuit shapes, it was far too dry and crumbly. Next time I'll try a different kind of flour, and not leave it sit for so long. And I won't make two kilos of mixture!!!

I gave a large number of piggy-backs, to little second cousins Milla and Nina. And slightly larger GF Deb :-)

Gave a large number of gifts to said girlfriend, including two Dr Who box sets, a Cookie Monster mobile phone sock, and some RAM for her PC (romantic!) This is on top of the aforementioned rusty BMX bike.

Speaking of said bike, I was helping Deb move stuff into her new house this evening. I gave her an old computer desk I had in my flat, and I arrived back at her place before she did while ferrying it there. So I borrowed said bike, and rode it around her street some. Having a bike with no brakes is novel, I scraped a fair bit of tread off my shoes stopping it. Goodness knows what her neighbour made of it when she spotted me - a substantial thirty something man in aviator sun glasses with two spikes of hair jelled up like antenna, riding a brake-less bike with a bent slightly flat front wheel around and around a cul-de-sac...

Let see, what else. My uncle delivered my mother to my flat from Geelong. We proceeded to my aunt's place for some Christmas lunch. Then I took my mother out to the airport, she was flying to the Netherlands today! What with being from there and all. The airport was really, really, really quiet, I recommend it as a good day to fly. But damn it, the observation deck is closed so I couldn't go look at the big fly fly airplanes!

I got William Shatner's version of "Common People" stuck in my head. Which I partly cured by watching this:

Um, ok, I also went down a slide in a kids playground about five times, at one point getting involved in a game which seemed to consist of running too many people down a slide, one after the other, and squashing each other together. Not entirely sure what the point of this game was, but it did keep my little relatives amused for a good fifteen minutes. And when they're stuck on a slide, they're easy to tickle :-)

I also at stacks of mango mousse, and some Kransekake, which is the most awesome dessert known to human kind! I have a Norwegian aunt who makes it, but only on special occasions like Christmas. Yum!!!!

And now I'm chatting to [livejournal.com profile] jedi_amara and one of my cousins. And really it is time for bed.
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Tomorrow (actually, technically today) is going to be a long one. I've got to collect my bike from the bike shop where it's being serviced. Go buy a car. Take my friend Barbara computer part shopping. Then build a computer for her. And then go see a choir in Collingwood. Damn, I should get on with it rather than sitting here blogging. Still, blogging in bed is still novel :-)

Oh, I also need to start preparing a presentation for Toastmasters in a bit over a week. Damn, my life is busy.

This week being an example: Monday night I had toastmasters, Wednesday night I played trivia with some friends in a rather nice pub on Smith street. Where, I can report, the fish of the day was divine! Thursday I went to the gym, and tonight... Well, see the previous entry...! I need someone else to live part of my life for me!


Jul. 17th, 2008 09:11 pm
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Damn. Just got home from work. Well, there was a stopover for curry in the city. Too much to do, I has it. Nom nom nom nom nom.

Should be doing homework.


Nov. 16th, 2007 09:06 pm
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Hey all, seems to have been a few days since I've posted here.

I came to a startling conclusion this week: I'm doing Too Much. A revelation, I know :-)

This came to me on Tuesday night. I had to:
* Rush from work to meet a guy in Moonee Ponds about a Toasties contest I'm organizing
* Put together an agenda for said contest
* Email about twelve people
* Print and post twenty nine letters about an ALP Branch meeting in a week or two
* Iron a shirt for Wednesday

So I got to bed very late. The whole week's been like this. Monday night I had my always excellent Book Group. Wednesday night I went and judged at a Toastmasters contest in Bundoora. Thursday I went to the Gym.... Somethings gotta give.

Further examples: my upcoming weekend:
* Pick up a package from the post office
* Take Schnitzel to the vet
* Look at some houses to rent
* Go to a barbecue for my sister who's off back to Afghanistan
* (Possibly) go to the gym
* (Possibly) shop for presents for people at the toasties contest
* See the new cut of "Blade Runner" at the Astor.

* Drive to Geelong to meet up with cousins
* While I'm there visit Barwon Books
* And my grandfather (maybe)
* Pick up a Gramophone (where the fuck am I going to put that???)
* Get to the gym
* Put the finishing touches to the Toasties stuff
* Print a whole pile of things

Actually the rest of the week is equally chaotic. Monday I've got a normal Toastmasters meeting. Tuesday, an ALP branch meeting. Wednesay my Toastmasters contest. Thursday off to the Gym. Not to mention Saturday the 24th, when I'll be handing out how to vote cards for four hours, scrutineering then going to a party.

So... Something has to give....

So, next year, I'm going to Cut Back. Go back to being just an ordinary member of Toastmasters. Ditto the ALP. Leaving just my book group (one night a month) and the Gym. And I gotta remember how to just have fun.
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My Week.

Monday. Work. Off to Toastmasters.
Tuesday. Work. ALP Exec meeting.
Wednesday. Work. Trip to the Guggenheim exhibition with my Dad.
Thursday. Work. Official trip to the Brimbank toastmasters club, in my capacity as Area Governor.
Friday. Work. Off to the Gym.
Saturday. Party at Geoffs house.
Sunday. (Probably) take the train to Geelong. Then off to the gym again.
Monday. Work. Book group.

If I complain about being tired, please hit me and say "you brought it on yourself, nuff nuff."

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