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Hmmm, seems Livejournal's issues were due to some Russian hackers doing a denial of service attack on the site. LJ is owned by Russians, and for some odd quirk of the social networking world, the majority(?) of it's bloggers are Russian.

Apparently the problem with LJ is it displays a diversity of opinion, which is not much appreciated in some parts of Russia. Sigh. The tendency towards total authoritarian power runs deep...

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My Weekend

Aug. 1st, 2011 08:45 am
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Things I did on my weekend.

Went to an 8th birthday party. There were trampolines and and and party pies and and and honey joys!!!! One of the birthday girl's little friends was one of those little boys who likes to kick everyone. So he kicked me a fair bit.

Then I went and bought four hard drives. Total capacity: 7Tb!

Somewhere in there Deb made me watch the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Something about a large bitey sea creature...

On Sunday I was pushing Deb around in a wheelbarrow. I was about to tip her out on the front lawn when the census guy came by. He was most amused!

And I still have this awful cold. Looks like it is going to be around for three long weeks :-(

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My car and the tow truck (car carrier?) which dragged it to it's current resting place...
Saturday Morning

Chai Day

May. 22nd, 2008 08:55 am
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G'day LJ, again my apologise for not blogging more often. For reasons still unclear, I have been spending very little time in from of my PC at home, doing anything fun online.

Which is why I find myself typing with my thumbs on a crowded tram heading down St. Kilda road, listening to someone elses metal which he as up way too loud for his headphones!

Anyway, today is an annual celebration for me, which I call Chai Day. For the simple reason that three years ago in May I discovered Chai :-)

Ever since I've been drinking it like a fiend, up to four cups a day. I was even keeping running tally, till I lost track late last year, by which stage I think I was over 500 chai's. I should write some chai tracking software, or do some with the chai domain names I own...

Hmmmmm, nerdy...
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Hey All, playing with an LJ client from my shitty laptop. I wonder how well this'll work offline...
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Wednesday evening, new Girlfriend Deb dragged me to see a band at the East Brunswick. Which was fun and very silly, but not the main reason the night was memorable!

I've been trying rather lamely to keep Deb a secret. Without much success, although important people like my family don't know I'm seeing someone.

Deb and I were walking down her street, doing our usual thing - lots of affection, some arm and leg cuddles. When I saw a couple of figures coming around the corner...

"Oh fuck" I said "That's my dad and my brother!"

I'd know them anywhere... And since they also live in Brunswick I can't have been surprised. So I had to introduce em to each other. My dad said "What brings you to this part of the world?" And the best I could offer was "This is Deb..."

My dad and my bro had been at a restaurant around the corner from Deb's place - which they go to a lot. So again I shouldn't have been surprised.

Deb greatly enjoyed my discomfort and teased me all the way to the east brunswick. I explained I did plan to introduce her to these people, just not quite yet and not in that context!

Then... who should we spot at the East Brunnie? My friend Geoff... and my ex Miranda!?! I spotted her before she spotted me, and said:

"Oh fuck. That's my ex."

Thus giving Deb more of my discomfort to enjoy.

(Some history: I dated Miranda in 2001/2002. More recently, in fact in January, we were, ahem, fooling around again, just for the heck of it. She had gone OS for a few weeks, and in the mean time I got involved with Deb. I had neglected to tell Miranda about this which would have been polite...)

I introduced them to each other. The conversation went like this:
Deb: Hello
Miranda: Hey, didn't we do first year Pysch together?
Deb: Hey yeah!
Paul: *falls on floor*

They KNOW each other! In fact Miranda went to Deb's 21st! Deb has known Miranda longer than I have?!?! That's it, I'm moving to Niarobi!!!!! This shit keeps happening to me!

Deb greatly enjoyed this as well, and was scheming to befriend Miranda on Facebook to further freak me out....


(By the way, the band we saw were called Totally Gourdeous, they play exclusively instruments made from Gourds. They were very jolly, but obviously I remember other things from the evening!)


Mar. 8th, 2008 11:47 pm
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Spent a large part of today at a wedding. Melody, who I used to share a cubicle with, got married today.

The ceremony itself was at the registry office in the old treasury building. I rushed in because I thought I was late. Turns out that for a change I was early, and that Meoldy was in the bridal party out the front having pictures taken!

I didn't recongise her in a wedding dress and without her glasses. She's also lost a lot of weight since I last saw her.

The ceremony was more or less the usual drill. Do you take so and so, with this ring etc. But... I found it strangely moving. Maybe it's the stressful weeks I've been having, but I found myself beaming and maybe a bit more happy with the world.

The reception wasn't till the early evening, so I had a few hours to kill. First order of business: get a wedding present! Oops. Still, all they wanted was a gift certificate, so that was easy.

Then I headed home for a few hours to do some much needed house cleaning, then hopped in the car to get down to a place on Queens Road for the reception. Ended up on a table with a bunch of my co-workers.

Melody's dad gave a really amusing speech which I can't adequately explain.

The highlight for me: they did the "throwing the garter" thing. Guess who caught it? Yep, me! What will my girlfriend of 5 weeks make of that? :-)

And then I scampered off to the Espy, where I sit now, waiting for The Drugs to go on... In about an hour... Waiting waiting waiting...
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Hmmm. It occurs to me that I haven't posted to my livejournal for what seems like a while. Well, real entires anyway, flippant ones about bottoms not withstanding.

Which is also not to say that lots hasn't been happening. Wait, too many negatives in that sentence! Lots has been happening, but I need the time and energy to actually jot it down.

I also blame Twitter, which lets me micro blog almost down to the minute.

Having said that, I can and do blog from my phone, as I am right now. Hard on the thumbs though :-)

For good or ill I haven't been in front of a PC at home for any length of time lately. I probably have 300 emails waiting for me... Time to schedule some time at home!

Anyway, expect a series of updates over the next few days.


Feb. 12th, 2008 09:22 am
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Damn, I've got to start reading some more happy books... I have a terrible tendency to read dense and miserable non fiction. Which is probably why I went through a long stage last year of reading some marvelously escapist sci fi.

Some recent examples: A history of the Dieppe Raid in WWII (complete balls up in 1942 which ended with 6000 dead Canadian soldiers), the "love story" Ali and Nino, set in 1920's Azerbijan. And at the moment, the huge tome "The Clash of Civilizations" by a very experienced british journalist who has lived in the middle east for decades.

This last one, I actually had to put down. Usually I can handle reading about the most extraordinary brutality without getting too squemish. But...One particular situation he describes - in this case the way the old Shah of Iran's secret police tortured it's prisoners - really disturbed me. More than the Afghan wars he witnessed, more than his interview with a certain Bin Laden. Really actively made me wince and worry about what we humans are capable of...

Probably a good thing, this response.

So, I had to put it down. Along with a memoirs of a "dope fiend" and whatever else I'm notionally reading. Time to get some more comics or maybe it's time to reread some Isaac Asimov which I haven't read since I was a spotty teenager :-)
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I've realised I've left out minor but important details about my first few days in Sydney Town.

First off - the lost bus! I hopped on a bus outside the Aaaaaaart Gallery of NSW, which headed back into the city. After we'd turned a few corners, one of the little old ladies went and spoke to the driver, saying that usually this bus took a different route into the city. The driver revealed he'd never driven this route before! Eventually we ended up in the right place, after most of the other passengers had bailed at unofficial stops!

Did I mention that I've been on ferries ever single day? Only a short trip today, will have to go to Manly to make up for it.

Second, the Dog Poop incident. Let's just say walking across a park at night is hazardous.

Third: Postcard City. I've sent about ten postcards, starting the day I arrived. If you haven't got a postcard from me, it's cause I don't have your address :-)

Fourth: Did I mention the nice lady at the MCA who gave me her "I heart MCA" badge when I was disappointed that I couldn't buy one in the gallery shop? Most cool and I was most pleased.

Fifth: the little old ladies from Launceston I met on the Parramatta ferry were off to Manly to "hunt down some Chinese" and asked me along! I had other things planned, and I felt like I would be encrouching on someone's grandmother :-)

That's all I can recall for now, thank you LJ for working as a kind of externalised memory for me.

BTW I'm maxcelcat on Twitter if you're really, really keen to know what I'm doing minute by minute...
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I for one welcome our insect overlords...
Welcome our Insect Overlords


Dec. 14th, 2007 02:59 pm
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Coathanger, long view:


Dec. 13th, 2007 06:58 pm
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Coathanger, Thursday view:


Dec. 13th, 2007 03:31 pm
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Mini Tree

Dec. 13th, 2007 03:30 pm
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Mini Tree:
Mini Tree


Dec. 12th, 2007 01:15 pm
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