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My dad is getting married (again). This time to my aunt. It's a long long long long long long long story... The short version is if this were Hamlet my cousin Simon would have to kill my dad :-)

This will make things terribly confusing. My aunt has four (or five depending on how you count) kids who will now become my step brothers and sisters. Not to mention all the step-cousins and... Suffice to say I will give up trying to explain the structure of my family!!!!
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Some things I got up to in April of 2009... Er, the 13 days of it we've had so far!
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Egad! My little sister Vanessa is engaged to her boyfriend! This will be very distributed wedding - Zack, her boyfriend, is a Jewish lad from New York, then live in Phnom Pen, and most of Vanessa family are (obviously) in Melbourne!

On the plus side it might take some of the pressure off me, although that's mostly been my family encouraging me to reproduce. Which, now that I think about it, isn't likely to diminish at all! D'oh!

I'm off to a wedding this afternoon...
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Apparently, I'm supposed to be at at wedding... Right about now in fact! Which is the first I've heard of it...!

I got an SMS from an old friend saying "Are you the Paul J on the guest list at Craig's wedding? If so, where are you???"

I said "Criag's wedding is today??? Where is it???"

I had half a plan to jump into my car and race over to it... Except it's in Hamilton, a good three and a half drive from here. D'oh!

I'm almost 100% sure I never saw the invite, and I'm also more than 100% sure I never RSVPed. As far as I can recall, the last I heard about was Craig asking me for some of our old friend's email addresses etc. so he could invite them... That was at least three months ago. I see Craig about once every five years, so in fact I was surprised to be invited...

I was wondering why Doug (fellow old University chum) was in the country, I thought he was just here for the Summer break, from his current home in London. Now if only he'd said "Will I see you at Craig's wedding?" just once ;-)

So.... What wedding present says "I'm sorry I missed your wedding although in my defence I don't think I ever saw an invite!"

This is my place setting apparently:

(As MMSed to me by old friend Julie...)
I'm going to have to have a wedding and invite him to make up for it!
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You know you live in the 21st century... when you get invited to a wedding via a chat session!
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Looks like more of my friends are turning into adults.

Total number of my friends who this week have announced they're getting married: two.

If you are Sean or Pauline (who are members of two separate couples, I should add) congrats :-)

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