Apr. 25th, 2009 05:41 pm
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I got a new camera today. So what am I doing with it? Photographing my cat of course!

Damn... good camera!!!
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Look at kittens! These ones need adopting. Not to mention these cats and these hairier cats!

Hmmm. Crazy Old Cat Man in training :-)
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Spotted this poster on my street this week:

(Click on it for a bigger version.)

I should go back and see if it's still there, and take a picture in daylight. So, one lost cat story that had a happy ending :-)
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In other "politics" news, former First Cat Socks has been put down. He was nearly 20 years old - a very good age for a cat. Apparently he'd been struggling the last few months, and was too weak to stand in the last couple of days.

There has been a lot of coverage, like in the LA Times and heck, look at all the articles in the Google News Search about his demise!

In other Cat news, I have my cat, Marvin the Bitey, back from his sojourn up in Preston with my cousin and her kids. Also took him to the vet this morning - he needs to chew more interesting gristly things for the sake of his teeth. And he's already put three deep scratches in my arm - I dared to move him off a chair :-)
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(Hello, if you are my landlord or the satanic agent who represents him, please don't read this entry :-)

My flat is being inspected this week by the real estate agent who manages it. Damn it. They're fair more diligent than the last lot who used to run the place. They inspected the place once in three and a half years, this new mob does it every six months, as they are entitled to (and not, as said agent claimed "obliged by law".)

This presents to problems for me. One is I have a cat living here, in direct contradiction of my lease. Strictly speaking he's not mine, he belongs to a guy called Jack. But given that Jack has bought an apartment in Berlin, and I've had Marvin the cat for about fourteen months now, he is, in effect, my cat. This was the excuse I gave last time the place was inspected. I had the genius idea of leaving Marvin outside, hoping the real estate agent wouldn't spot him. Marvin didn't play along, however, and darted in the door as soon as he saw someone open it! D'oh!

So this time I've sent him on vacation to Preston. For some reason, my cousin's kids have bonded with him. I did warn them that he bites and often scratches, but that didn't deter them. So I took him up there for a little holiday. This may also solve their rodent problem - so it's a win-win situation :-)

Is is kinda sad that I already miss him? I came home and there wasn't a cat meowing at the door demanding to be fed. On the other hand, I also won't have him trying to sleep in my bed and changing positions twenty times a night. Or noisily licking himself right next to my head.

The other problem I have with the flat inspection is that I am a slob, and so I need to transform my place into a house that doesn't look like a slob lives here. No easy task. I've basically spent the whole weekend cleaning the place. It looks presentable now, but I was gobsmacked by the amount of cruft I'd accumulated in my flat! I turfed out about seven large empty boxes, a pile of metal which had been an Apple Mac G4 case, and loads of other recycling - I more or less filled an entire wheelie bin. A big one! Then there was the vacuuming up of at least enough cat hair to make two entire cats... And the three or four loads of clothes washing. I was genius enough to have all my towels on the line at the same time - and also disturbed to discover that I own ten towels of various sizes! What kind of a bachelor am I???

Anyway, gotta keep it presentable till Wednesday evening, then I can start fucking the place up again.


Jan. 13th, 2009 08:10 pm
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OK, so, this will put a serious dent in my "tough bloke" credentials, but I quite enjoyed Cute Things Falling Asleep. Simple premise, quite cute!

Especially this one:
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You have been warned.

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My cat, Marvin, had not one but three visitors last night! Ok, so, strictly speaking he's not my cat, but anyway, he had guests. In fact, it was his actual owners, Jack and Polina, and his previous long term minder Anya.

Then we went out for Thai food and chased it down with some hot chocolate. Ah, the lifestyle, it's tough :-)
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I was downloading pictures off my phone the other night, and I realised they give a pretty good summary of my month. So here goes.
Pictures In Here )

Cat Spam

Jun. 9th, 2008 09:59 pm
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I was cleaning my desk. I found claws attacking me from inside it:

My bachelor cat and my GF get some shut-eye:

(Click on them images for bigger versions.)


May. 29th, 2008 10:16 pm
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Some man on cat lovin'?
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Met up with Anya, the previous minder of Marvin, to get some of his doco - vaccination certificates, and the like.

Turns how he's a bit older than I'd been lead to believe - seven in fact! His Date o' Birth is January 20th 2001... Which was two days ago. Happy Birthday Marvin! What does one buy a seven year old cat as a present? I'm guessing a box full of live rodents wouldn't go astray...


Dec. 31st, 2007 12:11 am
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Last cat related posting until at least 2008, I swear... :-)

Cat Proximity from XKCD
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Posted this to Le Book du Face, but hey why not share it as widely as possible:

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Marvin, the aforementioned Humongous Bachelor Cat, got let out the front door today for the first time.

I'm thinking he's not the brightest of cats - he couldn't quite get his head around the stairs, and was trying to jump from the fence onto my balcony to get back inside! I had to walk down the stairs to show him how they worked...

He's a good climber! Leaped up onto the relatively high fence around the neighbours back yard just like that, then leapt from there to their shed. I should explain something about the structure of my place. My flat is on an oddly shaped block, kinda "L" shaped. Therefore my flat is actually directly behind and above my neighbours house. They're bordered on the back by the block o' flats and on another side by our car park. Therefore my main window, along with a great view of the city, also has a decent view of their back yard, and their shed roof is maybe three metres from my window.

So he managed to jump onto their shed roof and have a poke around. It's often got stacks of pigeons on it, so this was not a bad idea.

Then he walked off on the top of the fence and disappeared for about an hour. Till I found him trying to get back in via the fence. Funny cat!

Other amusing behaviour: he turned up with a teddy bear. I thought "oh, how cute, it's his little friend"... Until I saw him trying to kill it! That would explain it's hairlessness...

He has a bit fat tail, befitting his size. It gets tangled in all the cables dangling from my desk and ends up pulling stuff off it!

OK, enough sad Cat related ravings for now :-)
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[ profile] ladystardust_xs pointed me in the direction of this: Obey The Cat!. I want one.

I Haz Cat

Dec. 22nd, 2007 10:29 pm
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Well, you'll be pleased to hear my brief hiatus as a non-cat-owner has come to an end. Well, I'm not an owner, more of a long term baby sitter/cat minder. Or, it could be accurately argued, I have a new owner.

Jack and Polina's cat Marvin was dropped off today by my friend, and Polina's cousin, Anya.

He's a big cat!!! Huge even!

There's been some discussion about which kind of cat food sir expects to be feed, and this playful bite has drawn blood, but otherwise we're getting along. Friendly cat though, happy to be patted by a relative stranger. We two bachelors should get along fine :-)

Here are some pix (from before I got him):

Smart cat:

File under "C":

Also useful as paperweight:
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I know this cat!

Hmmm... It occurs to me that I should be a) shopping b) cleaning my flat c) getting through my email d) burning a cd e) getting over my cold f) looking for a new place to live g) getting some lunch h) paying my cousin for this Mac i) etc. etc. etc.

But no, I must blog :-)
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Earlier this week, our newish kitten, Milkshake, the energetic white little shorthair injured herself in a bizarre fashion.

Actually, it was quite stressful.

Some background. We have a scratching post, which is very popular with [ profile] schnitzelrug, which was made by my mother of all people. From a pole and some, er, I think it's rope. Hard wearing, an excellent choice. Anyway, she added a hook on the top so one could dangle a toy from it.

Anyway, I was sitting around the flat Monday night, and Milkshake was running around like a mad thing - as usual. Then I heard her making a really frightening noise and struggling. I turned around, and she was wrapped around the top of the scratching post, and making a sound like someone was trying to kill her. I've heard a cat make this noise maybe twice before in my entire life. She was struggling, as I said. Somehow, I have no idea how, she had managed to get her mouth around the hook on top of the scratching post, and got it stuck there! I rushed over and grabbed her and tried to pry her loose - getting a few deep scratches in the process. In a few seconds she worked herself loose - I'm not sure that anything I did made a difference - and darted under the bed.

I had nightmare visions that she'd impaled herself on the hook, or broken teeth or her jaw. The first thing I did was remove it from the post and chuck it out, then I went looking for Milkshake.

She was cowering under the bed. I don't think she had any more idea what had happened than we did. We tried to coax her out, and eventually she came out for one of her favourite crunchy treats - which she couldn't eat. She picked it up, but then dropped it again, and looked at it. Shit, we thought, she's really hurt.

We managed to grab her and get her mouth open. She didn't object to this, so obviously she wasn't in serious pain. And, thankfully, there was no blood or broken teeth, or other obvious damage. We breathed a sigh of relief. But she still couldn't chew or even drink water.

She spent the night under the bed - which is kind her "safe place" - purring to herself. Cats will do this when they're in pain or in shock to comfort themselves.

[ profile] evildoom_bunny took her to the vet the next morning, just to be on the safe side - if she was a kid, I'd have taken her to the emergency room, but vet's don't work like that. He said she had a cut on the roof of her mouth, but otherwise seemed to be OK. He gave her a couple of injections (Antibiotics I think) just to be on the safe side.

And by Tuesday afternoon, she was back to her kitteny self. Which was basically her downfall in the first day - kitten exuberance.

The whole episode was a bit distressing. The sound she made when it happened scared the heck out of me. And scared [ profile] schnitzelrug too, she arched her back and fluffed her tail and raced around the place trying to find who was attacking Milkshake. And just worrying that she was really hurt... Anyway, now all is well.

New Cat

Aug. 30th, 2007 09:53 pm
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Once again, I am covered in Cat Hair. Note to self: People who own a lot of black clothing shouldn't acquire cats with lots of white hair! [ profile] evildoom_bunny and I wear loads of Black because we're goths, I mean nerds, I mean cool, I mean, from Melbourne. In fact the drying rack to my left is so covered in Black clothes it looks like it's off to a funeral.

So when we finally got around to getting [ profile] schnitzelrug a new friend, this is what we acquired:
My Milkshake

Welcome Vanilla Milkshake. Hey, if we can call our other cat Schnitzel Rug, we can call our new cat Milkshake :-P Picture is a bit low rez, it's from [ profile] evildoom_bunny's phone via Facebook....

She is a five and a half month old generic domestic short hair from the wonderful people at Save A Dog who, of course, also save Cats. So now I am covered in white cat hair.

There were lots of lovely cats there when we visited. A huge black and grey cat called Oscar who was ten years old and had a tendency to wander. And a lovely ginger twelve year old who tried very hard to make friends with us. *subliminal message* go and adopt them now *subliminal message*

[ profile] schnitzelrug was born into a house full of cats and kittens, but has somewhat forgotten how to play with 'em. So Milkshake chases her from room to room and [ profile] schnitzelrug has no idea what to do! She's slowly getting the hang of it, and maybe all this running will burn off some of her gut. Milkshake is a friendly playful little thing, I suspect she'll wear down Schnitzel by shear cuteness.

Weirdly, years ago I owned a white cat, well, my family did, before I even went to school. We called her - wait for it, it's brilliant - Whiteness. Hey, we were kids. Anyway, I keep almost called Milkshake Whiteness, it's like it's deeply embedded in my brain.

(Note to self: whatever became of whiteness? I remember she went to live with my dad after my parents got divorced, but don't remember much of her beyond that. In fact, I'm not even sure she was a she!)

Anyway, it's true what they say - the second fur baby is easier than the first :-)
We fretted all the time when we first got Schnitzel, now it's just a matter of pouring more food and delivering more patting...

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