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(Picture from Numnunts flickr stream.)

At the end of Summer, February 28th, I headed out to RAAF Point Cook, the oldest still operating airbase in the world, and home to the RAAF Museum. Point Cook used to be relatively deserted area of wind-blown paddocks, but of late has turned into a suburb of sorts.

I digress.

Every couple of years the museum has an "Air Pageant", which makes it sound like something that would take place at a primary school! It actually an airshow, concentrating on old warbirds - vintage military aircraft.

There's a surprisingly large number of these flying in Australia. It must be incredibly hard work keeping these things flying. Many of the planes are more than 50 or 60 years old. So imagine your grandfathers old car that someone actually gets into and flings around the sky!

The whole thing was actually quite impressive. I've been to the Airshow out a Avalon a few times, but there's mostly modern aircraft flying there. This was far more interesting.

The highlight for me was the CAC Sabre, the only flying example of the Australian version of the American F-86. Years ago I worked at a DSTO site where there was one of these parked near the main gate.

It's the lead plane in the photo above. Above it is a Spitfire, the bottom aircraft is a P-51 Mustang. All of which, uniquely, where built in Australia, indeed I believe they were all built at Fisherman's Bend here in Melbourne.

Here's another shot:
(Also borrowed from someone else's photo stream.)

This plane first flew in 1957, and was restored to flying condition only in late 2009. Still, was flung around the sky with indecent hast for a 53 year old jet! It's run by the Temora Aviation Museum, which I plan to make a trek to one day.

Other aircraft of note:
A de Havilland Vampire, which is even older than the Sabre. Well, the model is, it first flew during the second world war. I can't identify this exact aircraft, it's probably a trainer from the late 1950's, possibly from the Rhodesian airforce.

And finally this unique plane:
The only flying P-40F Kittyhawk in the world. I'd read about this plane for a few months, following it's relatively recent return to the air.

I also got chatting to a couple of volunteers who were restoring a Mosquito. A unique plane, made from wood. Which was quite clear from the stripped down aircraft they had there - it looks like it was a piece of furniture!

I also managed to sunburn my face and the backs of my hands, all the areas I didn't have covered up. Stupid pale skin :-/
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Oh yes, I also have lots of fun pictures to post as well... As soon as I extract them from my various cameras :-)


Apr. 10th, 2009 10:59 pm
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I've added some more pictures to the Strathewen post-fires album on Le Book Du Face... Damn, that must have been a scary place to be!
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I was downloading pictures off my phone the other night, and I realised they give a pretty good summary of my month. So here goes.
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Cat Spam

Jun. 9th, 2008 09:59 pm
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I was cleaning my desk. I found claws attacking me from inside it:

My bachelor cat and my GF get some shut-eye:

(Click on them images for bigger versions.)


Jan. 24th, 2008 04:36 pm
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Free Image Hosting at

Pinched from here: Abandoned Fischkombinat.
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I was wondering why my Crumpler (a "commuter bag", hence forth to be known as the "Man Bag") was getting so heavy. So I emptied it right now...

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Curious about where I spend eight hours of every weekday? I know I am. Here are some pictures of my desk at w*rk. Exciting.

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Jun. 19th, 2007 11:37 pm
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Was going through my collection of pictures, and realised it's been a mighty long time since I posted any. So here goes.
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I have literally hundreds of other pictures, in various states of digital encoding. Might post em, who knows :-P

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