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Just realised I haven't finished my relentless and thorough blogging about my otherwise uneventful trip to Sydney...

As an aside... When I got back to work on Wednesday, three of my cow-orkers said they'd greatly enjoyed my constant updating of my status on Facebook. I can and do update from my phone, so it was saying things like "Paul is on Sydney Harbour", "Paul is on the 431 bus to Glebe", "Paul is looking at aaaaaaart" etc. etc. etc. I knew there was a reason I updated so constantly!

Anyway, my last day in Sydney was the subject. My lovely aunt Diane drove us over to a beach called Bronte - an ocean beach slightly south of Bondi. We walked along the coast from there to the edge of Bondi beach. There was at least one other beach in between (Tamamramma or something like that) and a rather interesting rocky inlet. Some pretty bits, Sydney has. Some mighty ugly bits too if you head out to the far west :-)

It was a muggy day, although a bit chilly in the sea breeze. I still managed to get sunburnt, even on a overcast day of only about 24 degrees. Actually, I got burnt in patches, where I didn't quite get the sunscreen coverage right. Parts of the backs of my hands, parts of my shoulders not quite covered by my t-shirt.

We doubled back to Bronte and had an average lunch in a cafe there.

Driving through Sydney is a novel experience. There aren't any straight road, there are many small suburbs pressed in together. We passed through... Well, I have no idea, but Redfern was one suburb we went through.

I had to abandon my plans to catch one more ferry - darn it. So I went instead for a walk along another piece of foreshore, around the edge of somewhere called Rozelle Bay. There's a park there which stretches around to the top of Glebe. I walked as far as some fun old cranes etc., then had to head back to pack my stuff. I did see the worlds smallest beach - one of the sets of steps leading down to the water had gathered some sand, maybe two square metres worth.

Headed back to Annandale, to the Aunt's place. Packed my stuff in about five minutes flat. Diane (the Aunt) gave me a ride to Central and I waited for the train out to the airport. That's a nice touch, a train that passes under the airport. Lugged my stuff (three bags, one of them quite large, for a seven day trip! I gotta learn how to travel light!) up one lift, onto the train, up another lift, then a third.

I was ludicrously early for my flight (just they way I like it. I missed a flight once a few years ago, mainly out of sheer brain fade) and popped over to the checkin area. This is where my attempts to show off my skills an experienced traveller fell down. I have a Virgin frequent flier card (there's a pun in that somewhere) which I whipped out and popped into the self-checkin kiosk. Tried a few times and was told to see the ground staff! Bugger, what's supposed to happen is it finds your next flight and spits out a boarding pass. Went over to the counter and waved it at the lady there - who just checked me in (27A, left side window seat. Ace). Then I learnt why my card hadn't worked... I was trying to use my Qantas frequent flier card *slaps head*. In my defence, they're both red and similar looking. At least I didn't try and use my Hudson's Coffee card!!!

I had about an hour to kill in the airport, which is not the funnest place on the planet. I knew my way around by now, I even know where the good Chai shops are, having passed through here six times this year! I found a rather decent coin operated internet cafe just up the terminal from my gate. So, as any good nerd would, I got onto Facebook and LJ and Twitter :-)

Was amused to note that all the keyboards where the same as mine here at home, a rather nice Dell with a good action.

The flight back was quiet. The lady in front of me got three seats to herself, and was delighted. I shared my row with one business man. I took advantage of the (paid) in house catering. Two buck cheese and bikkies, a three buck muffin and a passable cup of Green Tea.

Aaaaall the way back two or possibly three kids a few rows in front - they always put the kids towards the back of the plane, which is a problem for those of us who like a window seat with a view of the wing - spent the entire flight carrying on. You know the kind of stuff, low-level fighting and poking, yabbering on and on and on. They kept it up for the whole hour! It was impressive! As we got off, the business man a seat away made a comment about "lovely kids" and "I'm not going there again!"

Grabbed my luggage, and waited for my dad who was kind enough to pick me up from the airport. They're such a pain to get too and from. He dropped me at home, and I gave him a book I picked up for him from the Museum of Sydney, about an exhibition of contemporary photojournalism. Went and scored a burger from Danny's (there was no food in my house, and indeed there still isn't :-)

Slept. Holiday == good. I think I will work on becoming a Traveller. Gotta learn how to pack less stuff next time!
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This will have to be quick - I'm typing this from the Sydney Airport internerd cafe, with about 30-40 minutes before my plane boards.

Monday, day Seven in Sydney, was pretty quiet. I crowbarred my arse out of bed at about 10.30AM, and decided it was high time I went to the gym (yes, I travel with my gym gear.) Found my way to the bottom end of Glebe Point Road (do I sound like a local yet?) and the Victoria Park pool and Gym.

After negotiating the coin operated lockers - weird, they had coin operated showers as well - I finally made it into the gym proper. Every new gym is a bit weird, all the equipment is either missing or subtly different. Or indeed for that matter, it takes you a few minutes to work out if it's the piece you're looking for.

All lat pulldowns look the same. Most leg presses come in one of two forms. A preacher curl is a preacher curl where ever you go, although it might have a different name. But some things are a bit wacky. The seated row, for example, at my gym is a thing with a cable. You brace yourself with your feet and pull the handles towards ya. At Victoria Park, it was a levered thingy, with a chest plate that you pressed leaned against. Took me a couple of minutes to figure that one out. But I managed to do my whole program and, more remarkably, I managed to remember the whole thing!

I never shower at gyms, I find it an excellent way to pick up interesting foot fungus, so I bussed it back to Annandale and had a shower there. I do like working out, it makes one feel really great for several hours afterwards. And then you need a nap.

Hopped on the bus to the Rocks and hopped on two more ferries! The one out to Broad... Broad... er, can't remember, somewhere which had the word Broad in it's name :-) That was actually a nice little trip. Then as soon as I got back I hopped onto the North Sydney ferry again.

Diane, the aunt, had organised a bit of a barbecue for Monday night. I'd helped by lugging in the full cylinder of gas (for starters). I also popped into the biggest friggin' supermarket I've ever seen - the three level monster Woolworths on George Street. I haven't been in a supermarket for over a week, thank fuck, so this was a bit of a culture shock...!

Picked up some lamb, er, you know, the ribs with the chunk of meat on the end (there goes my career as a celebrity chef!) and a couple o' steaks, and headed "home".

Diane (the Aunt) and Tess (the Cousin) and I were joined by a chap called Chris who is an artist and drummer. Back tracking a little - my aunt is an artist as well and seems to know all the local artist. I was enlisted to do the barbecuing, complete with apron (pictures to follow).

We ate piles of perfectly burnt meat and chatted. A French friend of Tessa's came by to say good bye, she was off back to France via a Salsa dancing club! She was a bit of all right, but didn't stay. And I can't remember her name now except that it was extremely French!

That was about it for day Seven. Day eight (today) to follow. Did I mention I'm writing this from a coin-operated internet cafe in Sydney Airport? :-)
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Ah, it's all blending together.

And I gotta get out of this smell internet cafe! Ah well.

Today I went to the Sydney Museum, which was pretty ace. After having some seriously passable breakfast in Annandale. Nice to see someone combining eggs and pesto.

Spent too many hours here in Smell Cafe beforehand and indeed now... Hmm... Time to get home...

After the Museum (small, but the the contemporary photojournalism exhibition was really interesting, as was the remains of the first governors mansion visible through the floor in the foyer) I hopped on the Ferry out to Parramatta. Which is a loooooong way up the river. The first two thirds where kinda interesting - it's been raining all day, so the bay looked grey and mysterious. Then we really got into the top of the Parramatta river, where the ferry had to go reaaaaaally sloooooowly. It'd also go so humid the windows had fogged up and we could barely see out...

The upper reaches appeared to have mangroves or something much like them growing on the bank.

I chatted to a couple of old ladies who were sitting next to me. They were from Launceston, and had come here as a birthday pressy for one of them. Seniors get a daily travel card for only $2.50! They said they'd hopped on the boat to get out of the rain and off their feet for a while - which was the same reason I was there!!! :-)

I spent most of the return journey on the rear deck where at least it wasn't as humid (I'd had to ask the lovely old ladies to stand up for a sec., but I needed to get out of that seat!) The whole ride took probably an hour and fifty minutes - I didn't even bother getting off the ferry at Parramatta, I've been in that part of the world and it's nothing special.

I was at Circular Quay so I thought bugger it, time to get on another boat. I hopped onto the Watson's Bay/Rose bay ferry. At Watson's Bay, they stopped for about twenty minutes, next to the (apparently quite famous) Doyle's Seafood Restaurant. A local had let me in on a little secret: the take away place on the pier sold exactly the same food as the restaurant at about a third of the price! Dinner!!!! Hopped back on the ferry with a pile of fried food and scoffed most of it before the ferry even left the dock. One of the deck hands said he wished he'd thought of that idea.

The ride back was great, the city is experiencing a gray, rainy day like, well, Melbourne. I took some great shots of the Coat hanger from the window of the boat.

And that's about it for today. Going to try and find a gym tomorrow morning. Not to say that I haven't been exercising, I've been walking so much it's been... Very frigging healthy. Now if only I can stay away from the Bubble Tea and the fried food :-)

Oh, almost forgot! Made some really ugly sticker photos the back of a video game arcade. They didn't turn out well, partly because the machine was built on the assumption that the subjects were about two feet shorter than me! It kept on trying to take pictures of my chest!
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This will be a quick entry, I swear! I have to get on with my day, such as it is :-)

OK. Saturday. Went out for breakfast in Annandale, found a lovely place called the Gallery Cafe, which makes it's own Chai! Tried to read the Sydney Morning Herald on a tiny table without much success.

Doubled back to my Cousin's place - oh, did I mention my Aunt had turned up Saturday morning? She's here from Canada for Christmas. Popped back in to put on my shorts - it were hot and muggy!

Hopped onto tram to Paddy's Market. I can report that Paddy's Market == Victoria Market for all intents and purposes. So I didn't stay long, trying to avoid things I could do at home :-)

You know the kind of place - bad t-shirts, el-cheapo souvenirs, shitty shoes etc.

Popped into a shitty internet cafe next to it and avoided the midday sun. Then I walked through China Town, finally found some bubble tea. It was passable, but not the best. Also located some custard buns to round out my healthy lunch :-)

Then I did something I usually avoid - shopping. Popped into Dymocks to get a book, popped into a camera shop, only to discover the camera I was after was $549! Eep. Not today thanks... Then I saw a guy carrying a Red Eye Records bag. Red Eye is probably the best record store in this town. Looked it up on Google which provided me a map showing that it was literally 100 metres from where I was standing... So I had to go... So a John Zorn and a Melvins CD and four badges later... It was time to head to the Quay :-)

Tried to catch the ferry to Manly, but just missed the 3.30 one. Went and had a chai and wrote some postcards, then tried to catch the 4PM ferry. Only to discover my weekly ticket didn't cover Manly! D'oh! Queued for a ticket after swearing at the automatic ticket machines, and was very early for the 4.30PM Manly ferry! Got a seat dead front of the upper deck which was ace.

Got chatting to a Manly local on the way across. He was talking about kayaking on the harbour, which would be interesting indeed.

Stayed in Manly for all of half an hour, then hopped on a ferry back again. Twice on the way back the ferry honked its horn at a couple of pleasure craft - I think, I don't really follow the rules of the ocean so I'm not sure who was in the wrong. Still, the thousand seat ferry would you assume have right of way over a little speed boat!

Headed back to Annandale and went out for dinner with Tess the Cousin and Diane the Aunt, in the Italian quarter of some suburb called... Leighcart, I think... No, I'm spellin' that wrong.

Stayed up too late reading a book, then crashed.

Holiday == fun.
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This could be a short entry. I'm avoiding the midday sun in a shitty internet cafe in Paddy's Market. And the space bar on this keyboard is stuck! So I may have to run my wordstogtherabit :-)

Wait, have I missed a day? Did I mention lunch in Ultimo on Thursday??? Yep, there it is. Stupid age related dementia...

Friday, I seemed to have spent the morning in that basement internet cafe I keep ending up in. I must love the smell of sweaty nerd. I did have stuff to do, like paying my rent and checking the iternerary of a trip to Europe and the US that I'm organising (I'm turning into a Traveller. Ace.) And discussing the possible baby sitting of another cat.

Then I finally emerged into the daylight, and did some stupid Touristy stuff! That was kinda fun, kinda lame. What can I say...

Monorail, monorail, monorail! I've heard those things are awfully loud. It glides as softly as a cloud. What about us braindead slobs? You'll be given cushy jobs.

Yes, I went on the Monorail. It appears to serve no useful purpose - I had seperate chats to several friends about it. One recalled his old mate who used to drive the thing, and spent most of the time sitting in broken down monorail trains waiting to be rescued... Damn, there it goes now, past this building! The other say the only reason it still goes is because it'd be too expensive to remove... :-)

Anyway, I did slightly more than a complete loop - it only goes one way, I was two stations from where I needed to be, but wanted to experience the whole awfulness of the thing. Damn. From one part of the loop, you can clearly see into an office full of cubicles and several meeting rooms. That must be a weird place to work. The same sales meeting looked to be going on both times I went past one window :-)

Got off so I could head to... The Sydney Tower (formerly the Centrepoint Tower) to look at Sydney from above. Weirdly, the view reminded me a lot of the view from the Rialto, where we had our work christmas party a few weeks back. Some office blocks, some ocean, and kilometres and kilometres of red roofed houses! Every city is the same.

It was also infested with tourists. Notably Russian and Dutch tourists it seemed. Got me a tastful postcard for my little brother, and got the heck out of there!

I was meeting some friends for dinner over the other side of the harbour, and since the afternoon was rapidly running out, I thought I'd better head over. Hopped on the ferry to Kirribbilli, which runs straight from the Quay. Wandered some really hilly streets to... Kirribilli house! Kev's Sydney home! :-) There were four cops outside Admiralty house (the governers residence) but none outside Kirribilli. Tried to take a shot of myself in front of the place, which didn't really turn out...

Via various back streets, I found a wonderful little walk along the foreshore. Beautiful spot, will have to remember it for next time. Walked all the way along to under the bridge, then caught a train north to somewhere called Woolstonecroft or Wolstencraft or some such. Met up with my heavily pregnant friend Pauline (she's HUGE and not due till April!?!??!) and her hubby. They took me out to somewhere called Crows Nest for dinner. Didn't see any crows, did eat some great Cajun food.

They dropped me off at a station, and I headed into Wilsons Point (I think). Hopped off again, and walked across the Coat Hanger. Which was a lot easier than I expected (should point out that I'm talking about the flat bit not the arch!) Only took me about twenty minutes in the end.

The Rocks looked like one huge work christmas party, so I got out o' there and headed to Circular Quay again. There was a ferry most of the way out to Parramatta up the river, but no one could reassure me that it was going to come back. Didn't want to get stuck in the middle of no-where late at night, so decided against that trip for now.

So I ended up... Back in Smelly Internet Cafe. There was a Hoyts near it, but it was closed by the time I got there. End up chatting to Murrumbeena, Malvern and London, as well as trying to organise an overseas trip via Facebook.

Headed out to catch a bus, only to find the 432 appeared to have stopped for the night. Bugger. Caught the 431 to Glebe Point, and started walking across the park.

There was no-one else in the park at that time, not surprisingly. There was a couple walking towards me... As I approached them, the guy said "Paul!" It was Tim, one of four people I know in Sydney! Talk about random! They'd missed there stop on the tram (note to self: it runs all night...) and were walking back... He'd never walked through that park before and had only just moved into the area. Talk about raaaaaaaaaaandom.

Crashed. Slept. Woke up to find my aunt had returned from Canada, so I'm sharing the place with two relo's now :-)

Ok, time I went and did Stuff.
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Dear Sydney,

Please regularise your road system. It is a complete mess. I've never seen so many roads so tangled up and so poorly laid out. I've looked at a map, it looked like an upended bowl of spaghetti! Roads everywhere, connecting at all sorts of random angles. Would it be too hard to organise them all into some kind of grid?

And what is up with all these tiny one-way streets, or lanes that look like a nice place for a quiet cafe but are in fact main thoroughfares??? I've seen buses on roads I wouldn't drive a Mini down.

Not to mention all these hills! The bus I was on the other day went down a hill I couldn't see the bottom of! No bus has brakes that good!!!

And how can any city possibly need so many bays and inlets??? Everywhere I go, I keep almost falling in the ocean!

So, what I'd like to see is the following:
1. Bulldoze the whole lot. Start with that big thingy that looks like my nose out there on the point.
2. Flatten all the hills, and push the debris into the extraneous bits of ocean so the whole place is one continuous land area
3. Level the whole place till it's no more than three metres above sea level
4. Get out a ruler and lay out a flippin' road grid pattern!

No more of these roads which split into two or three! No more weird one-way streets! Or houses build on enormous piles of rock! No more trams which disappear into tunnels or huge cuts into piles of rock! No more random ocean placement! Just a lovely, regular north-south grid that I won't get lost on.

Thank you.
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Weirdly, I'd been staying in cousin Tess's house for two days without actually meeting Tess - how does that work??? Anyway, whilst blundering about the kitchen looking for some breakfast (or for some way to revoke the drinking of Tequila the night before!) Tess appeared in person! Cool. We chatted, she went off to uni, and we made plans to have dinner that evening.

I needed some bacon and some Chai. Have I mentioned how hard it is to get Chai in this town??? I was chatting to a waitress in a cafe at Circular Quay, and she said they didn't serve it because the tourist's didn't know what it was! I said, I'm a tourist! And she warned that it was fattening... Well, the horse has bolted on that one... :-)

I knew there were some funky cafes on Glebe Point Road (for you Melbournites, think of Brunswick Street, kinda) so I hopped on the bus there. Ended up in a place on a corner called Badde Manor... Which had ace Chai (yay!) but no bacon (boo!)... Turns out later it was vegetarian, which I didn't realise :-)

Then I had to get to Ultimo to have lunch with a mate called Tim. I studied the map for a while, and decided that Harris Street in Ultimo was parallel to Glebe Point Road... But I couldn't for the life of me judge the actual distance... So I asked the lady behind the counter, who told me it was maybe ten minutes walk. Cool. So I hopped on my legs, and took the back streets. Past the church of Scientology!

Took me less than ten minutes, I was well early, so I peeked in the door of the Powerhouse museum. Sounded like there wasn't much on there that was of interest to me...

Met with Tim at a cafe near the ABC centre, a cafe which had even better chai than the Glebe place! Woo-yay, two chai's in about an hour, it never rains but it pours. Had a great old chat with Tim, a gnarly activist I know from my Jamming days. He has some great ideas.

Wandered over to the Chinese Garden, which was actually surprisingly good, and surprisingly peaceful considering it's slap bang in the middle of a really busy part of Sydney. They had these HUUUUUUUUUGE carp, about 70 centimeters long, some of them, bigger than Milkshake the Cat I recon...

Then I wandered over to the Maritime Museum. It was actually getting late in the afternoon - I didn't get my butt out of bed till quite late and more or less missed the morning. The museum itself isn't very exciting, but moored just outside it has two old vessels - the destroyer HMAS Vampire and the submarine HMAS Onslow, a submarine - both of which you can go on.

And both of which are really, really freaky. I recommend 'em. The sub one has to get into via the forward torpedo loading door, climbing backwards down some steep stairs. The whole thing is cramped as hell - I could bang my head in every room. There is one corridor running the length of the ship, and bunks jammed in every conceivable location. Short bunks, I'd have not been able to stretch out in some of them. Even the officers room was tiny and had three bunks crammed into it... The kitchen must have been a nightmare, a grill, a stove, a deep fryer and a bench all in a room the size of... well, smaller than my kitchen in my my one bedroom flat. The biggest compartment in the whole place contained the engines, two HUGE diesels which must have been at least four to five metres longs. The place still smelt of oil... Scary...

Then I faffed about trying to catch the ferry back to Circular Quay. I was convinced it docked on the Museum side, but couldn't find were. Then I was given some misguided directions by someone, and ended up walking all over Prymont Bay, first looking for the terminal then looking for somewhere to get a snack! It's all upmarket bars and shit there... Damn it. Anyway, made the ferry, decided against taking a bus up the completely chokers George Street, and end up catching the train to central and the tram back to Rozelle Bay. Did I mention that all the "light rail" stops say "Tram Stop"? They're in a deluded state :-)

So I went on a tram, a train, a bus, a ferry, a destroyer and a submarine this particular Thursday! To top this I'll have to go on a, I don't know, Monorail :-)

Tess made us dinner which was ace, and I tried to explain to her how the internet works. Then I had to crash - this holiday business is tiring :-)
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Yo, a little behind on my blogging. My cousin, who's place I'm staying in is the only person on EARTH without an internet connection at home. Compelling me to spend many a pleasant hour in this Smelly Nerd Basement. It is, however, a mighty cheap Internerd Cafe, if you can't stand the stench :-)

Wednesday, my first full day in Sydney, I decided to spend looking at aaaaaaaaaart. First, of course, I had to catch the tram. Sydneysiders will insist that it's a "light rail vehicle". Bollocks, it's a tram. If I took of them light rail vehicles and plonked it down on Bourke Street, no one would bat an eyelid! The only difference being for the most part it travels on dedicated tracks.

And passes right across the top of Annandale where I'm staying! Cool. Another notable difference - they have conductors still.

For some reason, my usually infallible sense of direction is completely broken here. I step out the front door and I'm completely disorientated. Can't tell if I have to go left or right! This Wednesday morning I went left, thought better of it, went right, changed my mind again, and discovered that left was indeed the correct direction. The barely adequate maps I have probably aren't helping, but then I sometimes can't tell which way up I should be holding them. More on this later...

Trammed it into Central (do I sound like a local yet?) and trained to Circular Quay. Over to one side of said Quay is the Museum of Contemporary Aaaaaaaart. They had two really interesting exhibitions on, and a couple of passable ones... The first was some amazing work by a Pakistani, now living in New York, called Shahzia Sikander, who did some amazing things with traditional miniatures. Wasn't so fond of her larger works, but the little paintings and the pencil drawings were really brilliant. A kind of twenty first century spin on a traditional medium, with lots of dancers mixed with Kalashnikov's and soccer balls etc.

Upstairs was a big collection of works by an American I'd also never heard of. Chap called Tim Hawkinson. His most interesting stuff was a series of kinetic sculptures, which is a hard thing to get right. The largest was a motion detector controlled squid thing which dripped water into various buckets in a random yet rhythmic way. Was also very impressed with a Klien bottle he'd woven as a basket, then hung from the ceiling on a mount that turned it slowly in two directions. Like a rendering of something on a PC screen, summoned into Real Life.

Caught the ferry out Cremoine (spellin'?), Mosman way. Man, I could smell the money again. As usual, didn't actually get off the ferry.

Wandered over to the Aaaaaaaaaaaart Gallery of NSW, which is in a park sort of to the south east of the Opera House. I actually can't remember too much of what I saw there - I've seen most of their collection before, except the bits they rotate every now and again. They did have a new and recent Anselm Kiefer, a major work which looked like it weighted about five tons - and this was a painting, mind you. Otherwise... Oh, they had a large collection of early 20th century portraits by a German photographer who's name escapes me. They were quite touching.

Lets see, what did I get up to then? Ah yes... A trip to the unlikely named Strawberry Hills Hotel. In the suburb of... Strawberry hills. To meet up with some friends of mine. Well, in actual fact, I'd only met two of the five folks in Real Life, the other two I knew by reputation... Or, possibly, from a mailing list associated with a long-disbanded... band...


Anyway, they led me astray. It started with the first round - I figured, hey, I should have a couple of drinks, just to be friendly. First I had to ask what I should be ordering - didn't want to look like a right tourist and ask for "three pots" did I? So I ordered three "schooners" of... Carlton Draught... WTF???

We talked a lot of crap, and somehow they made me drink at least one more beer... and two Tequilas... and most of a Margaretta... I'm not equipped for this sort of thing! I'm so out of practice it ain't funny!!! We talked about good places to see bands in Sydney, which I might actually chase up over the weekend...

Anyway, after about five drinks, a chicken schnitzel, I bailed and attempted to find my way home. Walked under Central station, found my way to the bus stop...

Now, usually I have to catch the 433, except that after a certain time at night it becomes the 432. For some reason at 11PM, a little the worse for Victorian Beer and Mexican Firewater, I got on the 431. It terminated close to were I needed to be (Glebe point rather than Annandale), and thankfully it was only a pleasant walk across a park back to Annandale... Aside from the Dog Poo incident... Anyway, I spent Thursday with a mild hangover, but that's another story...

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