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Spent the day in the centre on Melbourne.

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I had this ridiculous exchange on Twitter this week:
Australia Post on Twitter

"Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps" is a line from the Public Enemy song "Fight the Power" from 1989. Which is around the time I started getting into PE. It's also referenced in the title track from their most recent album "Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamps". Which I recommend - after 25 or more years they can still bring the noise.

The poor chap who runs the Australia Post twitter Account sent me to read their Stamp Issue Policy, saying "they may not meet our stamp policy guidelines"! And also suggested their Personalised Stamp service... Maybe I could make a stamp with a picture of Chuck D and Flavor Flav on it.

I suggested they watch this:

And that was the end of the exchange!

As a footnote, it seems more of their heroes are finally appearing on stamps:
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(The sound in this is appalling.)

Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedy's fame has got himself a new band - well, newish, they're a good four years old at this point. They delight the name of Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine!

And they're touring, will be here in Melbourne on May 11th and 12th. And I've decided I have to go.

Jello apparently hasn't played music in Australia since the Dead Kennedy's toured in 1983. The word "infamous" was used to describe said tour. Wow, just blundered across this rather awesome article by Jello himself about their tour of Australia. He really got into the local music scene!

Jello hasn't had a band since the Dead Kennedy's broke up, but turns up on loads of other people's records. Well, he and the guys from Ministry did have a side project called Lard, but they played maybe six live shows in their entire existence.

More recently he's done two albums with The Melvins - another of my favourite bands. This outfit is sometimes referred to as "The Jelvins". If they toured, I'd be first in line for tickets and then leaning against the door of the venue. Yes, I might be into them.

"Monkey Wrenching world orders is how we party."

So I will make sure Deb and Pip are both sane, well fed and ready to go to sleep, and I will race over to the Corner Hotel, and pretend like I'm 24 and dancing at a gig.

And maybe one day I'll make it to 70000 Tons of Metal, a Metal festival on a cruise ship. I imagine you'd be able to smell the stench of all them metalheads from several kilometres down wind....!
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They Might Be Giants are playing in Melbourne in early May. Pip will be about three and a bit months old then... Hmmmm... I wonder if we could get a night off to go see a band.

On the down side, it is a Thursday night. That would mean getting someone to watch Pip, then having to drag my arse to work the next day on probably not much sleep. Can't see it happening.

On the plus side, I have seen They Might Be Giants before. Back in 1990, at a now long-closed theatre in Richmond. It was probably the second-ever real concert I'd ever been to, of my own choosing anyway.

It was so funny seeing how there were levels of fame in the music world - they were excited because they'd seen Flavor Flav on the plane!

Pip likes to go to sleep to the sound of James Brown. Good baby.
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There seems to be a whole whack of big, dare I say, dinosaur bands touring here to Australia next year. So far I've seen posters for Kiss supported by Mötley Crüe (note Heavy Metal Umlats) and I believe Thin Lizzy. How the hell is Thin Lizzy still performing given that lead singer, bass player and founder Phil Lynott has been dead since 1986?

Also seen on various posters - Neil Young and Crazy Horse, George Clinton and P-Funk. Also Black Sabbath, with what appears to be their original line-up, well, at least Ozzy Osbourne and guitarist Tommy Iommi are in the band.

And Bruce Springsteen and indeed Iggy and the Stooges. Oh, and Blondie supported by, of all bands, the Stranglers and Australian legends The Saints. I'd go see that gig for the support acts!

The 1970's called, they want their music back.

The thing is, I'd like to see some of these gigs - Iggy at least - but what else is happening early next year? We're having a baby in early February, which will make late night rock gigs a bit of a problem for at least the first half of next year!

Almost forgot to mention, Deb and my favourite artist of the moment, Amanda Palmer is scheduled to play on our baby's due date. Actually, I should say "was scheduled", looks like she's moved the dates back because one of her good friends is very sick. Deb was seriously talking about going to the gig, and hoping that the music might bring on labour!

EN Logo
And last but not least, a band I have been buying CD's by since 1990, a band who's logo I am seriously considering for my next tattoo, Einstürzende Neubauten are going to be here in mid February. I have never seen them live, damn it!

My theory for the reason that there's such an influx of huge bands? The strong Australian dollar, and Australia having one of the few economies in the world that's not cactus. These gigs will all sell out for sure, and Ozzy can buy himself a few more tons of whatever drug he's doing these days, and Iggy can play all the rounds of golf he wants...!
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Some of you may remember this entry I posted about 18 months ago about a Public Enemy gig I went to. The brief summary: they can be a bit hit and miss, it really depends on which Public Enemy turns up - sometimes they can be incendiary, some nights they can be tedious.

They've been out here since that gig, and I didn't go.

A while back (2010?) I backed their new album on Sellaband. Said album has been released. And I'm suitably impressed.

This is the first song released from it (great video too):

There are some dud tracks on the album, but there are some really great one's as well - notably "Run Till It's Dark" and "Most of My Heroes STILL Don't Appear On No Stamp" (also the name of the album).

Here's hoping they play some of these tracks next time they tour, and I'll go see them again.

And here's a note of Stupid from me. I'd forgotten I'd get a copy of the album when I backed them on Sellaband, so I bought the album on iTunes. So now I have two digital copies of it. Ah well, happy to give them my money.

On a side note, Chuck D of PE was a graphic designer before he was a rapper. He still does their album covers (I believe). Here's a poster/print he did recently:
Chuck D Poster
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Saturday, April 21st, was International Independent Record Store Day. I got excited about this in a bigger way that usual, partly because I feel a need to get some new music, and also because of a certain nostalgia about how we used to buy and discover music.

I confess I'm one of those who is causing the death of the record store. I really like music, but of late I've routinely bought albums off eBay or digitally online, even from iTunes when I can't avoid it. My complete collection of MP3s (and FLAC and ogg and the like) numbers about 35,000 tracks now. My tastes are fairly specific and sometimes quite obscure - anyone else heard of, say, the Slugfuckers? Coa? And also diverse, from Ani DiFranco to John Zorn via early Einstürzende Neubauten and James Brown! So I find I rarely listen to the radio and have struggled in the past to find things I really wanted in an actual store. I also have poor impulse control, so frequently I would hear about a band and inside of five minutes be buying their stuff online.

But this year, I realised that I needed some new music, that my tastes have become ridiculously inclusive, although still not the stuff that gets played on the radio, and that we need record stores. And that several had opened in the northside of town that I'd never been to.

Retailing is struggling in Australia, but record stores are struggling more than most. The market has changed, technology has changed, and it's nerds like me who are partly to blame.

I made a list of all the stores I wanted to visit, concentrating on stores I've never been to or rarely get to, because they're on the wrong side of town, south of the river. Then I made this also map, a huge all-day loop around town visiting about ten stores! Then it all went to shit, my cat was sick so the middle of my day I had to stop and take him to the vet.

And then my day started sadly. The first two places I tried to visit before having, Trash Parlour in West Brunswick and Round and Round records in Brunswick were both closed. Clearly the info on the Record Store Day website was dated...

Shit. My #recordstoreday is off to a bad start. Trash Parlour... on Twitpic

Round and Round used to be down on Sydney Road. Looking around, I came across a place called Title, which turned out to be quite good. I picked up a CD by a band called Essendon Airport.

Yay! First actual record store for #recordstoreday! Title on ... on Twitpic

At that point I went racing across to Thornbury looking for a place called Thornbury Records. I totally got the address wrong, but instead stumbled into a place called The Music Jungle.
Finally made another record store! Wasn't in my list but... on Twitpic

The chap with the grey hair was playing guitar outside. I'd been past this store before, and it turned out to be something of a delight. I had to physically restrain myself from buying a wad of vinyl by The Last Poets, and a 12" single of... this!

At that point I had to drag my kitty to the vet.
Current stop on my #recordstoreday tour: the Northcote Vet. W... on Twitpic
Turned out has a slightly infected ear, poor thing.

After rendering Marvin home, I finally started on my journey south. I popped into the White Rabbit Record Bar in Kensington.
Yes this is record store! White Rabbit Record Bar also has fo... on Twitpic
Which also has food much to my delight. Caught up with [ profile] recumbenteer briefly, and picked up a DVD of George Clinton and P-Funk!

Hopped on Citylink, realising too late that my sister's car which I was driving didn't have an etag *slaps head*. Made it to Greville Records, a store I like a lot, but which I haven't been to in at least five years. When I told the proprietor that I bought records on eBay, he did this!
Angry record store owner when you tell him you buy on #eBay ;... on Twitpic

Around the corner I stumbled upon a place called Obese Records (I was going to post a link, but their website does something of which I don't approve - plays music!), which specialised in Hip-Hop and the like, and also sold an extensive range of spray paint!
5th record store for #recordstoreday: Obese Records in Prahra... on Twitpic
I was pleased to encounter quite a fat guy working there, their name does not lie :-)

By this stage, it was approaching 5.30PM, so I rushed literally around the corner to a place called Licorice Pie Records, a place that sells only vinyl. I picked up three vinyl albums, and again had to physically restrain myself from buying loads more. I don't even know if my record player actually works!
6th and final store for #recordstoreday, Licorice Pie in Pahr... on Twitpic

And then finally I made my way home. My original plan to visit about ten stores hadn't quite happened, and I'd also managed to visit two stores that weren't on my list at all. However, they both turned out to be excellent discoveries. My eventual haul, which trust me could have been MUCH larger, looked like this:
My #recordstoreday booty! From 6 stores! Trust me I coulda bo... on Twitpic
Three 12" singles by Foetus, eight assorted CDs, including two by James Brown, and one double album for Deb - The Best of Burlesque! - and a DVD.

I had a great time. I made a list of things to look out for, thinking I'd struggle to find anything. Not so - only James Brown was on my list, the rest of these were just fortunate finds. In a few months, when my bank balance has recovered, I might do another small tour, visit some of the places I didn't make it to, restock with even more new music.
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(Belated blogging this, I know.)

I should explain first who Amanda Palmer is (her blog is also echoed here [ profile] afplj). She is one half of the "Brechtian punk cabaret" act the Dresden Dolls. I first got into them because of this song:

which I heard played from a bike stereo whilst on a birthday ride for [ profile] recumbenteer - as you do.

Cut to this year. Amanda more or less moved to Melbourne for three months to record an album. We first saw her new years eve (just after I proposed to Deb - yay!) at a party in an arts space in Kensington - she emerged from a cake at Midnight and we got to see rather more of her than we expected!!!!!
Amanda Palmer emerges from a giant cake

Soon afterwards, the Dresden Dolls reformed for a brief tour of the Australia, so I finally got to see them live for the first time. They were fantastic, really energetic, and far less shambolic than her solo shows.

And the next day... Deb bumped into Brian from the dolls on Brunswick street! They'd chatted for a bit when Deb said to him "you look a lot like Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls", he said "Yeah, that's me, I came over to chat to you because you're wearing a tshirt from the gig last night!"

Then in February and March, Amanda was joined in Melbourne by her new band, the grand theft orchestra. They retreated into a rehearsal space and soon afterwards to a studio to record.
first day in-studio making the #GrandTheftOrchestra record. @... on Twitpic

At the same time they did no less than five shows at the Northcote Social Club. Deb and I made it to (only) two of these gigs. They were more like rehearsals for new material, trying them out in front of an audience.

So in the first three months of this year, I got to see Amanda play in various forms four times. Which is more times than I've seen her play prior to that.

But this doesn't compare to Deb... Deb is a member of the Melbourne Ukulele Collective, who got to play with Amanda Palmer at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival!

Here they are before the gig:
Deb is in the green wig
Deb is the one with the green wig on next to Amanda!

Here they are on stage:

Amanda signed Deb's Ukulele, which made Deb so excited she was squeeing at an incredibly high pitch for the at least three days afterwards. See, Amanda Palmer broke my fiancée ;-)
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Gil Scott-Heron died overnight. He was only 62, but apparently had a ferocious drug habit.

This is from his most recent (and hence last) album:

Althuogh you probably know him better for "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised":

(Sorry, that video is a bit shit, but the song is all there.)

I'm listening to the numerous albums of his in my collection. And then I'll have to listen to all the music I have that he influnced.
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So, last Saturday, Feb 26th, we say Amanda Palmer at the Forum. Here's a video with AWFUL audio:

I do love this song however. As you can see, her "solo" shows often involve dozens of other performers... There were are at least fifteen people on stage by the end of this song, many of them in a state of undress!

We met, intentionally and unintentionally, four of our friends there. Including the famous Luna, who still refers to me as "housemate" even though we last shared a place in about 2003. She got to meet Deb (or as she referred to her, the invisible Deb) for the first time - pretty lame of me since we've been going out for three years!

Thursday night I dragged my carcass down to the Palais in St Kilda to see Primus and to my delight, The Melvins, who are also one of my favourite bands. They're also one of the loudest outfits I've heard. They've had two drummers for the last few years, which gives them quite a sound:

Primus were great, although they only played a few songs that I really knew - like many bands, I only really like about 20% of their output. I loved their stage set however! Two inflatable space men:
Primus on stage

Then, on Saturday I went to the the Airshow out at Avalon airport, and watched the planes heading out to bomb Geelong. Went with my friends Julie and Dave. Dave is a major aeroplane nut - he was delighted to spot the play he leaned to fly in at the airshow! This was probably one of the most impressive planes:

This is a transport plane for crying out loud!
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(Found this on Flickr. My shitting iPhone photos aren't worth uploading!)

Yo my Digga's, Public Enemy rolled into town again over the Christmas break. There were the headlining band at the Falls Festival, but luckily for me they also did a side-show at the Corner Hotel on December 29th.

This is the fourth time I've seen PE, I saw them in 1992 at Festival Hall with Ice-T, then in 1998 at the Palace in St. Kilda, with The Avalanches when they were still a functioning live band. Then in 2007 at the Espy Hotel. I'm pretty sure that's it - I do know they were here in 1990 and 2002, but I definitely didn't see them at either of those gigs.

Their show was typically chaotic - lots of stops and starts, lots of random chatting to the crowd. They also tour these days with a band of sorts, a guitarist, bass player and a drummer. None of whom, it has to be said, are much good. There are really only two members of the band - Chuck D and Flavor Flav, and most of the music seemed to come from backing tapes with the occasional scratching from their "new" DJ, DJ Lord. The way the mix was done I could barely hear the instruments (this might also have been because of the industrial earplugs I wear to gigs these days).

At one point I counted ten people on stage - Chuck and Flavor, the bass player, guitarist and drummer, DJ Lord, two members of the S1W (Security of the First World, whose job mostly seems to be dancing), a random bearded guy who seemed to be part of their crew, and a random Korean MC who seemed to be part of their entourage. The stage at the Corner is big, but it's not that big! They also dragged a few other randoms onto the stage during the gig - one of the members of 2 Live Crew (I think it was Fresh Kid Ice), said chaps son, and another guy who I can't remember at all now. They also dragged four random Australian MC's from the audience and had them do their thing.

Lots of their songs started well, then sort of petered out with random ramblings and redundant introductions of the band - I think the guitarist was introduced at least four times.

OK, so, having done all that whinging, I did enjoy the show. It was based around their 1989/1990 album "Fear of a Black Planet", which was also the first album of theirs I got into. It has some dull tracks on it, but it also has "Fear of a Black Planet", "Welcome To the Terrordome", "911 Is A Joke" and "Fight the Power" on it. All of which they performed. Whatever else one can say about them, they have written some great songs, so it was great to hear them performed (again).

They have done at least five albums since them, which barely seem to rate a mention - which is pity, some of their recent work has been incendiary, such as "Son of Bush". And indeed this track:

But only three of the songs they played dated from post 1990 - and one of those was from 1991. Which was a pity, it must be a bit dull playing stuff that one wrote in the 1980's. It's a bit like seeing Bob Dylan, who is about as animated as a wax-work, trying to work through things he wrote when he was 25...

So, I suppose I'll probably go see them again when they roll through town in two or three years time, but I doubt they'll have changed much... Seeing as I'm the same angry suburban white boy who was buying their stuff on vinyl :-)
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Lots of excellent music on in the next few months (well, depending on your taste).

(Despite appearance's, TISM are not likely to appear. Also if the camera were to move a little bit to the right, you'd see me at this gig!)

Tomorrow night (Saturday 27th) I'm off to the Punters Club Reunion show.

December 29th, Public Enemy are playing at the Corner (of all places). Saw them a couple of years ago, and they kicked arse it must be said. Hopefully they haven't got any older since then ;-)

January 12th (which is my little brother's 25th birthday - oops) The Necks are playing the corner - complete with seating! Yay! The Necks are a long standing improvisational Jazz band, for want of a better description. They come to Melbourne every summer, and I go see them when they do :-)

March 3rd 2011, Primus are playing the Palais with The Melvins as support! And damn it, Rob Zombie is playing a Soundwave side show the same night.... Blast!

I do however have tickets (in the mail) for Weird Al Yankovic on March 23rd. Looking forward to that one - when I saw him in 2007, the audience was 98% smelly nerds ;-)

And finally, I also missed out on tickets to Kyuss because a) I didn't know they'd gotten back together and b) I didn't know they were touring ;-) Found out only hours after tickets went on sale, by which time they'd already sold out... Maybe I could fly to Sydney for the show on the 7th of March... ;-)
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Henry Rollins
Henry on stage in Melbourne (not taken by me).

A week or so back (Thursday 15th and Friday 16th of April in fact) I went to see Henry Rollins do his spoken word thing. Yes, two nights running... Eep.

Me and Henry go way backs (hey, all his fans are on first name terms!). I first saw him do a spoken word gig in February of 1992 in a tiny little venue in Collingwood. Damn... That's eighteen years ago! Then I saw him again in 1997, and I think there was a long gap then till I saw him do a gig in Geelong of all places in early... Must have been 2006. And he must come out here every two years because he played the Comedy Theatre in early 2008. A gig I found memorable because I was very sick with food poisoning, and was throwing up not an hour before the show started.

So that's what, four gigs over 16 years? I also saw his band play once in what must have been 1994 or so. And I have most of his (spoken word) albums.

But this was the first time I had the intestinal fortitude to sign up for two of his gigs two nights running. In fact, he did three days in a row, on the Saturday night he signed up for what must have been a small show at a theatre in Thornbury of all places. I was out of town - Sister's birthday, shesh! - so I couldn't make it to the third one...!

Henry leads an interesting life, then gets on stage and talks about it. This time around he told a cool story about introducing The Stooges (in MP3 form) to some teenagers he met in central Sri Lanka, getting work acting in a show called Sons of Anarchy (which I will have to look up), doing a stint as a judge on another TV show called "RuPaul's Drag Race", giving a graduation address at a small college in northern California, how he cried when Barack Obama was elected, and a whole pile of other stories I can barely recall now.

One of the funniest stories he told was about his guide when he was travelling recently in... I think it was Laos. This guy was called Ai, which lead him to make the existential statement "I am Ai!". He had a great turn of phrase this guy. One morning instead of "Good morning" he said "What is your life???". Later they stopped in a forest to "biologic the tree" which meant to take a piss! And told Henry that when he got back to the US they would call him "Mr Curve" because they had driven through so many mountains with windy roads... You couldn't make this shit up...

On Thursday night, he went on stage at about 9.20, and we got out of there at about midnight. Then I rode my bike home! I'm hardcore/an idiot. Friday was about the same, maybe ten minutes shorter - so in all I got about five hours of Henry Rollins in two days. The second show was about 70% the same as the first one - I have no idea how he does it - although some of the details of the stories he told differed. It was still ace to see both gigs, even if I was completely exhausted by Saturday... when I drove down to Geelong. I don't know how to slow down...
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A couple of Friday's ago (OK, it was February 26th) I finally got to see Amanda Palmer live. Well, when I say "Finally", she has actually toured Australia seven times now, either solo or with her (apparently defunct) band "The Dresden Dolls". I only discovered her last year when I heard "Girl Anachronism" blaring from, of all things, a home-made bicycle mounted stereo system. I was impressed partly because it was a song that appeared lack a chorus.

So about five minutes of internet research revealed who she was and who her band was. I realised I must have heard some of the Dresden Dolls material before, notably "Coin Operated Boy", but didn't think much of it. In fact there's really only one Dresden Dolls album I really like - Yes, Virginia.

But I did go out and buy her solo album "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" and fell in Rock and Roll love with her. It's OK, my Girlfriend had the same reaction and put the album on repeat as well.

So back to the gig... Amanda played at the Forum. I went with aforementioned girlfriend, and a couple of my friends from Twitter. We also bumped into a number of other folks we knew there.

The show was a bit disjoint, and had some funny moments, for example in the first song where she accidentally flicked her keyboard over to "harpsichord" mode, and then turned on one of the cheesy back beat settings and had to be rescued by one of the other musicians. Amanda would chat and so forth between songs. Most of which I knew, although some where new, and very good.

Amanda has a beautiful voice which she uses to great effect. She mostly played solo, although she had a string section for some songs. And later in the evening she sang a duet with Paul Kelly - one of Kelly's songs that she'd covered live with The Dresden Dolls. Later again she played with one of the support bands and Mick Harvey from The Bad Seeds etc. etc. She likes her collaborations does Miss Palmer!

And one of the last songs she did was the one in the video above, about that "foul death paste" Vegemite! Clearly she can never move here permanently :-)

The day after the gig, she flew to Adelaide to do some recording in a studio there, so hopefully soon she'll have a new album....
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The other night I made it to a gig for the first time in ages. The What Is Music festival made one of it's infrequent appearances here. Most festivals seem to have a schedule, yearly or biannually or whatever. What is music seems to occur more or less at random. Every eighteen months or two years or just whenever the organisers feel like it.

The session I made it to was at the East Brunswick.

I'm actually not entirely sure who I saw, aside from Oren Ambarchi and Matt Skitz, mostly because I recognise Oren from WIM? festivals going back at least a decade. He was in a band called Phlegm many years ago. When I showed up a guy was playing a set of pedals and other odd bits and pieces so vigorously he ended up breaking something over his head, and then bleeding.

Oren Ambarchi and Matt Skitz where on next. The Matt character is a short manic drummer, who played a twin-bass drum kit like he was possessed. Oren was basically doing perverted things to a Gibson Les Paul, to make it make oodles of noise. Luckily I'd bought some earplugs, because it was so loud my corneas where vibrating so much I could hardly focus! The rest of my body was humming a bit to - something like how I imagine a Sunn O))) concert would be. I like a good loud gig :-)

The other acts seemed mostly to be guys playing laptops, which I don't have much patience for. I get to see people sitting at laptops all day in my office... Not really exciting to see at a gig... Ah well.
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By some miracle of timing, on my first weekend in New York, I got invited (well, via Myspace, so it wasn't THAT personal) to a gig by a delightful little outfit called The Wet Spots. I'd corresponded with them briefly some months back, when they almost made it to Melbourne for the Comedy Festival. But their venue and their promoter fell through, so the closest they got was Adelaide.

But as luck would have it, they had a show on at a place called Joe's Pub, for one night only, the day after I arrived here in NY!

They look like this on stage: The Wet Spots on Stage.

And like this when they're hugging me:
Paul and the wet spots!

They describe themselves as "Just your average bi-sexual poly-amorous married couple burlesque duo performing songs about sex". Which of course one comes across all the time...

And they sound like this:

In fact, that's how I first encountered them - that song is compelling in it's own way! Then it turned up again on a CD owned by my beautiful girlfriend Deb, along with many other classics along the same lines.

Their show is hilarious. Mind you, I guess there's so much to work with... It included them spanking a member of the audience - who then got to spank Cass, the lady in the act! As she put it "Hit it hard, it's not like you're going to miss it! It's the size of an ottoman!" They also did a surprisingly accurate impression of a pearl diver vibrator, complete with rotating actions and various ticklers!

Historical factoid: they apparently met at an open mic night in Toronto, John was playing Sitar, and Cass was doing Lesbian love poetry. That must have been an interesting open-mic evening........

New York gigs are different from Aussies ones, well, at least when they're in a bar. They were tables for example, and table service. And I think I bought a ticket to the wrong show - there was another thing on beforehand, which appeared to be a musical about Ada Lovelace and Babbage's Difference Engine. Which was mildly amusing. When I saw three things on the gig listing, I assumed it was like three bands as per, say, the Empress in Fitzroy. But no, the place more or less cleared out between bands. And I managed to score a seat on a couch, which my aching knees much appreciated :-)

The gig finished around 1AM, and I managed to chat the duo a little after the show - and acquire one of their CDs. They also promised me they'll be in Australia in April next year, when I shall drag you all along.

I caught the subway "home", which was surreal. The stations and the train are still crowded even at that time of day. I encountered whole families as well as people coming home after a night out - or indeed heading out...
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Sorry for the late notice, as it were.

Saturday April 18th is Record Store Day. A really neat idea to remind everyone that there are still independent record stores out there.

I probably won't have time to visit any, but my life would be a lot duller without Peril Underground, Missing Link, Collectors Corner, Basement Records, Discurio and Polyester. Not to mention the now-defunct Gaslight Records and Au-Go-Go. So go there and buy something obscure :-)

Funny Ha Ha

Mar. 8th, 2009 12:32 am
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For some reason, this gave me the giggles:

(The song is Tunak Tunak Tun, no idea what it is supposed to be about!
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OK, enough of the one line entries (I blame Twitter)!

I have a minor dilemma.

I'm a big fan of a chap called Eddie Perfect, who I think is a bit of a musical genius. I happened across him almost by accident three or four years ago when he was doing a show at the Malthouse called "Drink Pepsi Bitch!" He's funny, he's clever and he has a great voice. I also have the CD's from a couple of his earlier shows "Welcome to the Inside of Ed's Head" and "Angry Eddie". I hum his tunes, and I've also seen him with his band perform at Trades Hall, and he was in the production of "Keating! The Musical We Had To Have" that I saw in '07... Anyway, I like the guy.

(Listen/watch some of his stuff on myspace. Yuck I hate that site...)

He's cute too.... OK, this is all getting a bit gay :-)

Anyway, he has chosen for his latest subject, a certain Shane Warne who, I believe, plays, or played, a game called Cricket. I hate cricket, and I have a fairly low opinion of cricketers. Well, I'm sure some of them are decent enough blokes, but damn, to get paid heaps to throw a ball at someone...

So, Shane Warne the Musical has been playing since December, and seems to be getting pretty good reviews. Eddie (we're on first name terms because I chatted to him after a show once :-) has spent most of the past three years on it... And stars in the show... Which all begs the question, given I like the performer, but find the subject matter at least disinteresting, if not downright annoying, should I go see the show?

[Poll #1352512]

I should also mention that I'm pretty broke right now, trying to save for an overseas trip, amongst other things!
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A number of my cousin's have kids, many of whom are under ten. They largely regard me as Benevolent Uncle Paul, who is handy for climbing on etc. In other words, they like me a lot.

Anyway, I was hanging out with one o' them earlier today, she's about eight, and she was showing me stuff she could do on the piano. I say piano, but this was more of a keyboard, which would probably have been the envy of the guys from ELO. It had a display showing the notes you were playing, which fingers you should be using, a metronome thing that noted each note in a bar, and whole suite of drum machine accompaniment!

She then played me a techno version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"! Mozart, I said, was turning in his grave! I'd also let on that I'd learnt piano as a child, and she insisted that I play her something. I had to try and explain that I hadn't played a note since about ten years before she was born. This machine, however, shat all over the upright piano I was forced to learn on...

Then she showed me something she was working on on her dad's laptop. This kid was using Garage Band on an Mac Laptop to create songs! Based on a book she was reading! Damn, things have changed a lot since I was an ankle biter!

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