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A dream I had this morning....

I was in the US, waiting for a bus to take me to the NFL Tryouts. I had some big bags with me, and I was wearing a fair bit of the body armour NFL players wear. It was early in the morning. Finally the bus showed up, and it was being driven by.... Malcolm Turnbull.

He was being a dick, and announced that because they weren't ready to run the try outs, he was going to take us to an alternative location, and leave us there to find our own way home. The "alternative location" turned out to be deep inside an almost finished underground parking garage. I started walking off, lugging all my stuff, quite annoyed.

Eventually I was wandering through the countryside of Kentucky (don't ask me how I knew this, it was a dream, I just knew. I've never been in Kentucky and would struggle to find it on a map). I pulled out my phone and was trying to compose an angry email to Crikey about how rude Turnbull had been. But my iPhone had been overtaken by some kind of Chinese virus, and it was full of brightly coloured icons and small birds flapping.

This latter part, about my iPhone not working, is now a common feature of my anxiety dreams. Rather than being anxious about being lost or not being able to walk or any of those traditional things that go wrong in a dream, I worry about my iPhone. So much so that in my dreams I'm aware that I've dreamed this has happened before, and I think to myself "Oh no, it's happened fro real this time". And it's never about my iPhone being broken, but me trying to use it and finding it having been taken over by a Chinese virus that instead of letting me make calls or look thinks up keeps presenting me with bright ads and games with virtual birds in them!
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I've been having some slightly curious dreams lately. Won't bore you with too much of the details.

Dream one: somehow I got myself invited to a retreat or a resort or something full of billionaires. I'm not clear why I was there, possibly to amuse them in some way. Many of them were disguised, to the extent that their appearance changed while you were looking at them...

Dream two: I was in a weird large wooden house, which had a long narrow kitchen. I was half cleaning it up, then half destroying the place - started throwing crockery around, including something I identified as my favourite mug.... Go figure.

Man, I demand some sensible dreams!

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