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So I dreamed I was driving around Brunswick in my white Subaru Forester, looking for a marriage celebrant. For reasons unknown, the celebrant had changed their name to "Jar Jar Smith" or something like that.

I ended up driving down Royal Parade, but while I was at it apparently I was also controlling, remotely, another Subaru Forester in front of me. I kinda lost track of the other car and pulled over somewhere. Then I realised the remotely controlled car had wound up in someone's swimming pool!
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I've been getting a lot of extra sleep this week, because I had my appendix out on Monday. The general anesthetic takes a few days to get over, but also might be contributing to the weirdness going on in my brain. In fact I was hallucinating slightly when coming out of the anesthetic, things about giant flowers and feather dusters...

This morning's dream started on Venus. Three astronauts were there, trying to mine some rock, only to find that something had taken all the good stuff already and the rocks more more like Styrofoam. Through a series of bizarre events I now can't recall, their spaceship was hijacked and ended up in the middle of in intersection in Melbourne. Literally the middle, it was buried in the middle of the road like a very large man hole. From it emerged... A civil war era cannon with a mind of its own, an angry fridge, Dr Who, Chewbacca and Darth Vadar!

The cannon when on it's merry way, firing down Bourke Street and hitting a tram. A number of people in a cafe nearby cafe were disturbed whilst drinking their lattes. Darth and Chewbacca seemed to have teamed up on the side of good, and started hacking into the angry fridge with light sabres... Happily, that's all I can remember from that dream.

Ah... Just remembered the last thing I was doing last night before I went to sleep - watching outtakes from Blade Runner. That must have warped my brain.

And the other morning I dreamed I was hanging around with Amanda Palmer. She decided that she liked the bunch of fans I was with so much that we should move into her back garden. Unfortunately the only space left in her back garden was in a large pond. So we set up home on a series of Pacific Islander style trimarans in said pond. After a while the water all vanished, and we decided to go our separate ways. But first we had a big garage sale or swap meet, and I picked up a neat monk's robe that was very Goth. I left the place, only to find the whole time we'd been in an obscure part of North Balwyn....

How's everyone else's brain?
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Not sure if it's the new baby, but I've been having weird freaky dreams lately.

I dreamed that I was at a friend's mother's house, which was painted a deep grey blue. And turned out to be a doctors office as well - so her living room was always full of waiting patients. The place backed onto a very cement primary school yard, and then the ocean. A typhoon welled up and washed us all out of her living room and out to sea. My partner Deb and I were separated, but then reunited by our friend Elvira with the use of her time machine! Which was shaped like a medium sized glowing box....

Then I dreamed that Game of Thrones was set in a weird medieval version of Australia, which was spelled in some funky way with lots of E's, something like Austreleum. Can't remember much about this dream, except that somehow there was a huge modern city behind one of the castles, as if the medieval world was happening in parallel with the modern world - a bit like the Amish. Someone was trying to burn the city and the castle down with some intense magic fire. But someone on our side managed to put it out with something called "Combat rain"!!!

Later I had a dream involving Jeffrey Dahmer which I don't care to remember :-/
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My brain is odd. I often have very weird dreams, lately they've usually been about trying to leave somewhere, then wondering why I took my old Subaru station wagon to Cambodia with me...

Last night's was the weirdest. I dreamed I was hanging out with Stephen Hawking. We were just doing stuff, not having any particularly illuminating conversations or anything.

We decided to head out somewhere, so I helped lever his (surprisingly light) wheel chair through the back door of a Z3 class tram (yes, I can tell you what kind of a tram it was because the dream was detailed and I'm dorky enough to know my tram models). As we travelled, lots more folks got on the tram, and I got squeezed away from where Stephen was parked. Eventually I got off the tram without him, then wondered where he'd gotten to on the tram network, and if we'd made plans to meet up somewhere.

My main concern was that he was out alone knowing nothing about the tram system, and not having a ticket!

So if you find a frail and lost physics professor out there, let me know...
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I went a bit space cadet this morning. I was eating my breakfast.... Then I was staring at my toes for some time... Then Marvin, my cat, was sniffing them, so I stared at him.

I had the weirdest dream! I was in the back garden whipper snippering, and I snipped so hard around the base of the clothes line that I started digging up mud. Then for some reason our bed was in the “sun room”, and my girlfriend was digging out mud from the head of it. I told her if you wanted to garden you should go outside. Then I was out the front of the house with several members of my family, although it was a somewhat different house with a big white front door. For some reason, people kept on thinking it was a restaurant. And about every second pair of people turned out to be burglars, who for some reason kept on wandering up to the front door even though we were watching them. But there were some more folks inside, expecting them, so they caught them and held them for... some reason!

Then I was around the side of the house, and a whole mob of my friends had turned up to a party for me. They were trying to surprise me by turning up all at once with various Star Wars helmets on. But I was there and spotted them before they made it into the house. But I appreciated the effort, and was pleased to see that a woman called Tammy had shown up. Then I was wandering in the back of the house, wondering why someone had parked a NASCAR car there... It turned out to belong to Mario Andretti, who was also there...

Finally I heard a loud banging sound coming from upstairs (turns out this large house had at least two stories). I went up to find out what it was. A teenager with very bushy hair was in his bed, banging his head against the headboard. His parents where there watching him, didn’t seem particularly concerned. I asked what the problem was, and he handed me his maths homework, which looked like Sudoku crossed with a cross word. For some reason I could make sense of it and started helping him with it...

Then I woke up... My brain is odd.
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I should preface this story with two bits of info. First, I own a fair bit of Lego, and would indeed own far more if my finances allowed. Second, I spent four hours on Saturday playing some version of Halo on a XBox. This is about three more hours than I've ever played said game before. My hand-eye coordination is still crap, but that's another story.

So, in this particular weird dream, I was helping to colonise a planet. For some reason it had been decided to populate this planet entirely with Lego people, Lego buildings, Lego vehicles - basically the whole thing was like Lego Miniland! I was there with my girlfriend, both of us disguised as Lego figures... Man, I really need my head examined.

Most of the planet was one thriving Lego metropolis. And then, for some other arbitrary reason, it was decided to clear out the Lego colony - I suspect because they were no in fact alive as such, merely toys going through the motions.

So a destructive anti-Lego virus was created, and let loose. It seemed to work by spraying the constituent Lego bits in all directions. But it wasn't enough - Lego is hard to kill - so I had to create a Lego army. I made a few pattern figures and vehicles, all of them in the same shade of grey, and they were then made in huge quantities and let loose.

I was still wandering about in my Lego avatar. Somehow, I was summoned to Lego Laurie Anderson's house, to ask her to perform Oh Superman for us. Which she did. But it turned out this errand was in fact a trap set by my Lego ex-girlfriend and her mother! (Man, Freud would have a field day with this one...) A bomb went off nearby, and my Lego avatar was destroyed.

This is were the Halo part comes in. I had to wait a bit before I could respawn. I did so ankle-deep in water at a Lego beach resort. This wasn't so bad, except that then Lego Deb had to find me again, and I was worried about her. Plus the virus and the soldiers were getting close - Lego blocks were flying everywhere. This is were I woke up.

Please leave any detailed psychological analyses in the comments!!!!!
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Lets see how much of this I can remember. I had this dream yesterday morning, so it's already fading fast.

Somehow, a peculiar deity (or cult or possibly both) had gotten a hold of me, and I had to show my loyalty with a small set of Lego pieces and a Lego baseboard. At regular intervals I was supposed to click the Lego blocks onto the baseboard in certain configurations - if I didn't, unspecified bad things would happen. I kept it by the window in my bedroom.

I resented this imposition after a while, and I started getting visits from two gentlemen in bowler hats and long raincoats, looking for all the world like they were from a Magritte painting. Their sole reprisal was to ask me why I wasn't doing the correct things with my Lego blocks...

Somehow the dream then moved on to a cafe somewhere, where there were a number of people who were possessed in some why. Not badly, or like zombies, just not themselves. Or themselves but modified somewhat. I was determined to work out what was going on, and quickly traced the cause. Not sure if this was the same cause as the Lego Deity mentioned above!

The thing that was possessing people was a glass jar. A very ordinary glass jar, media sized, with a missing screw top. Empty. The kind of thing you would have jam in. This jar, it turned out, had been possessing people for decades. It thought it was doing a good thing (er, it's not quite clear how it was explaining this to me...) since it only took hold of people who were at a low ebb, going through a rough patch. Damn, I thought, just like most religions!

I threatened to break the jar, and at that point all of the folks it had possessed started approaching me, a little bit menacingly but also a bit like they were about to mount a hug attack. I had a stern word with the jar, and it finally realised it had been doing a bad thing.

So as I walked along with it, it started to melt, starting from the screw top end. I held it upside down and flicked bits of it about as it melted. However, I discovered to my annoyance (that was all!) that all the people it had possessed were also melting!

What was that all about? I think I've been watching too much Doctor Who...
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(I promise to create an entry about something other than my weird dreams. At this exact moment I'm supposed to be studying... shhhhh! ;-)

OK, so, the dream. I was at a party at a house I used to live in, and for some reason, we decided to invoke the ghost of Phar Lap. Which, strangely, worked. I went outside, and there was Phar Lap's ghost - except he'd appeared as a tiny tiny pony, barely knee high, and brown and white. Not unlike a tiny horse I met earlier this year, of which I can't now find a photo.

Said tiny pony then popped into a nearby cupboard, and came out as a slightly larger, but still tiny, horse. More like a miniature white fat bellied Shetland pony... only with scary black alien eyes. And a tiny rider who I couldn't quite make out.

I then peppered them with questions about which horse was going to win the Melbourne cup. They could only give me cryptic answers which I couldn't quite make out. Then I realised that I was too late and the cup was already over, so I gave up on them!

Later, possibly in the same dream, I was visiting a film studio in Eastern Europe. My brain is odd.

Now back to studying....
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Man I had an odd dream this morning.

I was somewhere on an island chain in the pacific. Where I met Osama Bin Laden(!!), or at least was in the same area. Somehow I stole his motorcycle - a Japanese road bike - and his mobile phone, which was an incongruously old Nokia. Somehow I then rode the motorcycle all the way home, and handed it at the phone over at the St. Kilda road police station!

Then I went to work. My office had moved to an old and smelly building, filled with old televisions, which I couldn't turn off. I was invited further into the building. Somehow I realised that they actually wanted to turn me into a semi-mechanical zombie... At which point I woke up.

My brain is weird.
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I should have my brain examined...

The other night/morning I dreamed I met a member of the Death Metal band Napalm Death. In some random context, I think he was driving a taxi. Then somehow it transpired that he was a descendant of Herman Melville, the guy who wrote "Moby Dick".

Then this morning I dreamed I was in a small audience at an outdoor cinema, in a field somewhere. A truck pulled up - a lorry, not just a four wheel drive - and Madonna got out of the back of it. Somehow she talked me into hiking up a trail to a chalet. On the way she was complaining about her husband, and I said I was sorry, I had no idea who she was married to or indeed anything about her, because I don't read the kind of media which reports that kind of thing. She was mildly peeved at this. Eventually we made it to the chalet, and it turned out that everyone there, although there weren't many of them, was an incompetent lazy terrorist. They were trying to organise something, but their plans were stuck because I refused to write something in English for them. So we just continued with our holiday...

Now, what was that all about?
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I dreamed this morning that I was listening to a new song by AC/DC called "Large Chicken". The chorus of which was more or less "L-L-L-L-L-Large Large Chicken!" Now, what was that about, my Freudian dream interpreters???
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OK, this is what I can report from the land of Nod...

I dreamed I was somewhere in the US at a US Military recruiting event with my mother. She was trying to get me to join the army or the marines! I had to as if I was allowed to because I wasn't a citizen!

Possibly a different dream: My mother was telling me that my grandmother had got a job in France as a broadcast technician for a football team. She was saying it was fourteen years since my grandmother had had a job, but she was getting on a plane. I was sceptical that she was qualified. (My grandmother died back in about 2003...)

OK all you amateur shrinks out there - what was that about????
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OK, some of the dreams I had last night.

I was at a theatre. Henry Rollins was there.... doing performance art. There was a wall of windows mounted on the front of the stage, and the stage was about knee deep in sawdust. The performance seemed to take place mostly in silence, but everyone was interested none the less. Every now and then the performance would pause and go onto a new section. When this happened, he grabbed members of the audience to help him out. I got involved at one point, but mostly all I had to do was sit around in a mock living room thing. Oh, did I mention this fun detail - Henry Rollins was wearing weight lifting pants, you know, like the one's they wear at the Olympics...

The second dream (that I can remember). I was in Geelong - not my favourite place in the world - where somehow I'd ended with my bike... And my cat. It's not entirely clear how we got there, me and the cat, I think I'd ridden my bike, and Marvin, the cat, had got there under his own steam perhaps. Anyway, it was time to take my leave, I said good bye to my mother, who I had been visiting, and then tried to work out how to get home. I had to ride my bike, but somehow also take the cat... I had no box for him, and had no idea how I was going to take him on my bike! So ended up in one of those dream situations, where somehow you can't complete a simple task. In this case, I was trying to put on my socks then pack up my bike and get going, but somehow I couldn't quite make it work!

I had another dream, which was equally odd, but I can't remember it now...
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OK, so, I was hanging out on a fairly murky river, with lots of overhanging trees. And I had this floating arm chair. And there were all these ducks, who were my friends. And they were laying eggs and trying to raise baby ducks. And I had some eggs of my own which I was trying to, er, do the right thing by.

Anyway, at one stage one of the ducks comes over to me all quacky. So I hope in my armchair and paddle across the river, following it. There's a series of small caves on the rivers edge, one of which has a rope hanging out of it. A German Shepard, who was also a friend of me and the ducks, was tugging on the rope, and eventually pulled from the cave a huge eel (hmmmm, that's all sounding a bit Freudian isn't it?) A lot of these eels had been bothering the ducks, so it was good to catch one...

Possibly part of the same dream... I was in a basement with lots of lockers in it. I think it was in the building I work in. I was sitting around in my tiger pyjamas (don't ask) and I couldn't do any work because somehow my computer had been locked away in a cupboard somewhere. Then I ended up trying to explain all the connections between the people in my book group on the back of a piece of paper with diagram drawn in pen... To some people, can't remember whom...

And now for a dream I had a few days ago:

I was planning some kind of attack on a defence research facility, although it was all a bit half arsed. We had some shitty gun powder, and we'd build a tiny "shelter" which was three small walls of unmortared bricks and no roof... Eventually I was hanging out the front of the place, leaning on the hood of a very well maintained 80's vintage Commodore (you know how dreams are filled with these random details) until its owner came and drove it away.

Somehow I managed to talk my way into the place, but ended up drinking tea with a lot of the staff in the tea room. Which was partly constructed from parts of an old missile. Which it turned out they were about to test a later version of. The missile was huge, three stories high (ok, so, there might be something Freudian going on here too!) and was intended to attack ships. They launched one from one of the car parks, and it flew off to, er, I have no idea, think I woke up at that point.

Stupid brain, be less surreal!!!!
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I've been having some mighty weird dreams lately. I shudder to think what I should make of the one where my mother moved into a spare room at my girlfriends house!

Anyway, here are a couple I had last night.

Dream one: I was tasked with delivering something of great importance to Geelong. The object in question? A small wheel with a rubber tire, about eight centimetres in diameter. Search me why it was important, but there you go! I had to get there and back one morning, before work, by public transport. So I hopped on the train, delivered the wheel, then realised I'd made the whole journey barefoot. It seemed terribly important that I not go to work like that, so I had to go shopping before heading back to Melbourne. I managed to buy a pair of black socks, but then searched frantically through the centre of Geelong (which, in retrospect, looked more like a back street in Box Hill) trying to find a shoe shop which had a shoe I could wear. I did come across a couple, but there was always something wrong, the shoes wouldn't fit or something...

Dream number two: I can't really remember all of this one, but it did involve waiting in a basement for a lift with one of my cousins. Then it sort of changed scenes, and somehow there was an ocean liner involved. Not a large one, sort of a middle sized ocean liner, which was docking in something that looked like a larger version of Flinders Street Station. And somehow I knew that on board was a fairly successful woman of Indian extraction called Shakira or something like that (not even sure if that's an Indian sounding name, but it was a dream!) Anyway, she was balanced rather precariously on the back of the boat - the Stern I believe they call it! - when it suddenly changed direction (in the dream, the boat was reverse parking into the dock...) and she fell into the water. They had to fish her out in her wet Sari! Then Shakira, me and some other folks from the boat went out for a drink, to celebrate or something...

Now, what the heck was that all about???? Stupid brain, be more coherent.
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I dreamt I was sitting on a couch. Eating corn chips with Salsa. Watching some kind of sporting event on the television. Possibly motor-racing.

Now... How is that for the dullest friggin' dream ever? Egad, talk about mundane! I demand some new script writers!

Mind you, I don't watch TV and I don't eat corn chips or salsa. So maybe it was a fantasy of some sort :-)


Apr. 12th, 2007 01:43 pm
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I dreamt I met a cow... A very smart cow who was in fact a billionaire. A reclusive billionaire cow - she employed a number of people as fronts and did most of her work online. Because of course being a cow all she could say was "Moo."

On the internet, no one knows you're a cow....

Stupid brain, be less random.
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Some odd dreams I've had in the last few days.

I dreamt I was at my family's beach house (which indeed I was) and someone had inflated an enormous figure in the back yard area. It was huge, taller than the house, and pressed against it. Weirdly, I can't remember exactly what it was - something cartoonish, I think. Might have been a weird mutation on that hot air balloon that landed on the VCA a few months back.

I dreamt I was pulling up in front of a largish, but not unusually so, suburban house. It had a gravel driveway, which did a shallow loop from the road, to the front door, out to the road again. I was there in my aging Subaru to pick up... The Japanese emperor...

I dreamt I was on a train with my brother, one of my first cousins once removed (hence forth to be known as Asher), and at least two other people. There was a lot of pre-amble which I now can't recall, then the other four decided they were going to BASE jump (that's leaping from some tall location with a parachute) from the train while it crossed a particular bridge. We made our way to what looked like an empty freight car, and they positioned themselves at four doors of it, whilst I was at the front. It turned out, somehow, that the freight carriage was at the front of the train, so I could see the track ahead of the train from the door I was at... Anyway, we felt it slowing down, and discovered that the people driving the train had detached it from the main train, and shunted us off on a siding. We looked out as the rest of the train went by, the people on board staring or waving.

It then suddenly became clear (as these things often do) that we were in Canada. Asher and I were the only one's there left - the others I think were still on the train. We got out of the carriage, and hooked up with a large group of hobos who happened to be nearby. Then we wandered through a pine forest to a chalet of some sort, also in pine. I think we tried to stay there, but some minor inconvenience - I think they were out of toilet paper - caused us to decide to continue on and try and find the train etc.

Now, just for once, I'd like to have a simple nice, straightforward dream, where I'm, I don't know, eating icecream in my kitchen. Ah well. Stupid brain.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 10:20 am
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I dreamt I was being woken up on a space craft. After having being in hibernation for three thousand years. I was a tad thirsty :-)

Everything was terribly white, and I was quite disorientated. Sounds a bit like an average morning at my place.
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I dreamt I was going into space... In a spaceship made from Lego :-)

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